Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston graduated in 1985 from the Photography Department of the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., where his photographic mentor was the late Steven Lee Szabo. Initially a photo teacher who taught at all levels from, children to the elderly, he worked as a professional photographer for 7 years in Washington as a member of the Paul Kennedy Studio. In photo magazines he was East Coast Editor of Camera & Darkroom magazine and later Editor-in-Chief of Photo Techniques magazine. He wrote more than 250 regular columns (in five different languages) for a number of publications and websites including the British Black & White Photography magazine and the late Michael Reichmann’s The Luminous-Landscape website. He now writes, edits, and maintains The Online Photographer website full time.
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Articles by Mike Johnston

The Craft Approach: Is Large Format Really Best?

By Mike Johnston Illustrated with photographs by Carl Weese (Originally published in Camera & Darkroommagazine) Introduction — 2001  This is surely one of the strangest

48 Hours in Color-Management Hell

By Mike Johnston The punchline first: Everything's okay. And: "whew." However, I just got out of about 48 hours in color-management hell. Ever been there?

Mike Johnson – contributor

Mike Johnstonwas Editor-in-Chief ofPHOTO Techniquesmagazine from 1994-2000. From 1988 to 1994 he was East Coast Editor of the late and much lamentedCamera & Darkroommagazine. Consequently

Understanding Viewfinders

By Mike Johnston The viewfinder is the single most important user interface on any camera. Throughout the history of cameras, the method of aiming the camera