Michael Tapes

Michael Tapes

Michael is a life-long photographer, inventor, and designer of professional audio and photographic products. He owns and operates Michael Tapes Design, well known for their innovative products LensAlign, FocusTune, WhiBal and Instant JPEG from RAW. As both a teacher and student, Michael continues to explore the boundaries where art and technology meet.

Articles by Michael Tapes

Sony a7r II Review – Dynamic Range Compared to Canon 5DsR, Canon 1Dx and Nikon D810

Publishers Note:  A few weeks ago I was in conversation with Michael Tapes about the NEW Sony A7R II camera and the dynamic range that

Hand Held Focus Stacking

  A few weeks ago Kevin Raber, Luminous-Landscape’s publisher posted an article about focus stacking.  It was a great article and demonstrated Focus stacking in

Raw Truth 1

Text and photographs by: Michael Tapes Welcome to YAAARF! (Yet Another Article About RAW Format). My passion for shooting RAW format began several years ago