Sam Granger

Sam Granger

Sam Granger is the Owner and Product Designer for Adaptalux. Through Adaptalux he is hoping to inspire photographers to engage with macro photography and videography. You can find out more about Adaptalux and macro photography at his website. (please link to

Articles by Sam Granger

Camera & Technology

Bringing Xenon Flash to the Adaptalux Studio

Publisher’s Note: On occasion, The Luminous Landscape sees fit to support and promote unique or useful photographic technologies and campaigns by small start-ups and individuals. The

Camera & Technology

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Adaptalux Studio

How I developed, improved, manufactured and planned for the future using Kickstarter funds. Become part of the venture with Adaptalux, back their latest campaign by

macro image

Turning An Idea Into A Photographic Product – Macro Lighting Tool

Publishers Note:  We have recently shared stories on how photographers have used Kickstarter (crowd funding) to raise money for book publishing projects.  Today we share the