Betatakin 2

September 8, 2013 ·

Miles Hecker


A Remembrance of Things Past

©Miles Hecker



In Navajo,Betatakinmeans “House Built on a Ledge”. Betatakin was built in an enormous alcove measuring 452 feet high and 370 feet across between 1260 and 1290AD. Betatakin was constructed of sandstone, mud mortar, and wood. During its heyday it is estimated Betatkin had a maximum population of about 125 people.

Betatakin is easily photographed from an overlook after a short and easy hike of several hundred yards on the Sandal Trail from the visitor center. In the summer months, from May through September, it is possible to take aranger led hikeand visit the ruins closeup. The hike is a strenuous 5-mile round-trip hike and takes 3 to 5 hours using the Tsegi Point Trail. It begins at 7,300 ft. elevation, then loses and regains 700 feet. The above picture was taken at a focal length of 260mm on a 35mm full frame camera.


Very early in the morning on sunny day or anytime on an overcast day.


LENS: 70-200 mm for 35mm or crop sensor cameras from the overlook

LENS: 17-35mm for 35mm or 10-20mm for crop sensor cameras from inside ruins


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