Photographer Profiles

Its-all-a-blur (Rediscover)

By Michael Reichmann (Editors Note: Bullfights have been banned (thankfully) almost universally and specifically in the town where this was shot since this was first

Camera & Technology

Bringing Xenon Flash to the Adaptalux Studio

Publisher’s Note: On occasion, The Luminous Landscape sees fit to support and promote unique or useful photographic technologies and campaigns by small start-ups and individuals. The

Camera & Technology

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive II Review

In this article, I will review the VR Drive II panoramic system using the practical examples and experience I gained from using it in various

Gimbal / Monopod Use With Long Lenses

  Long lenses are many things, including heavy, expensive, and hard to hand-hold. A tripod and full gimbal head is likely the way to go,

Practical Considerations For Time-Lapse Photography

                What are time-lapses? Since the documentary movies “Baraka” (Ron Fricke, 1992) and “Planet Earth“ (BBC, 2006) the magic of the time-lapses caught the attention of many photographers and

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