Gimbal / Monopod Use With Long Lenses


  Long lenses are many things, including heavy, expensive, and hard to hand-hold. A tripod and full gimbal head is likely the way to go, as I've written about here before. But, sometimes a tripod isn't the right tool for a particular situation, and one of those is when shooting from the deck of a ship. Funny thing is, I used both full and side-mount gimbal heads … [Read more...]

Practical Considerations For Time-Lapse Photography

One of the advantages of a small back-up camera for time-lapses: it is light! Perfect when I have to climb the steep volcano of the Anak Krakatau in Indonesia.

                What are time-lapses? Since the documentary movies “Baraka” (Ron Fricke, 1992) and “Planet Earth“ (BBC, 2006) the magic of the time-lapses caught the attention of many photographers and filmmakers. The viewer perceives differences by time-lapses, which are otherwise hardly discernible because the movements alter very slowly in real time. Good examples are a … [Read more...]


The Next Steps By Michael Reichmann "Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another."Plato "If this was easy anyone could do it."M. Reichmann  NGC 7000 / The North American Nebula  Pentax 645z with 300mm f/5.6 lens @ f/8Vixen SXD2 mount with Starbook 10.Post processing with Nebulosity3 and Lightroom.40 Light frames at 30 seconds … [Read more...]

The Optimum Digital Exposure


by Bob DiNatale Concepts from my upcoming book…   The Optimum Digital Exposure – “Introducing the OneZoneTM Digital Exposure Method” For too long we have been accepting the “digital look” of our photographs. The compression of tones, especially in the dark areas, seems intrinsic to digital photography, but in reality it is the result of “non-optimum” exposure. With optimum … [Read more...]