Rediscover – Understanding Bokeh

Understanding Bokeh Dr. Harold Merklingeris a well-regarded expert in the field of optics and author of several books on the topic. Boke (or Bokeh if

The Four Beans

Thinking Out The End Result A few weeks ago I was in Chicago for the weekend to teach a workshop with Jeff Schewe.  The workshop was

Rediscover – Understanding RAW Files

Understanding RAW Files By Michael Reichmann originally posted March 2, 2011 There is probably more misinformation, disinformation, and lack of information regarding what raw files

Figure 27 Lego Giraffe w. Reflection

Blending Berlin: Making Black and White/Colour Mixtures in Lightroom

  (Notice: The sub-title means what it says. Everything described here can be done with other applications using other techniques, but that’s not the point:

Seeing Different- Abstracts

Picture In A Picture I have been very fortunate to have taught a number of workshops with Art Wolfe.  He’s one of my best friends,

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