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Michael Reichmann

July 12th – 19th
Cost: $5,400 per person
Length: Days: 8 (group size is limited to 6 people)

The Workshop Guides and Hosts:
Professional Photographer C.C. Lockwood and Professional Guide and Outfitter Preston Cavner

The incredible size of the state of Alaska has often limited people to seeing only the sights that can be easily accessed by the road system. To venture off the road system takes great planning and preparedness, but the Alaska you will see here will be some of the most memorable highlights of your life. Our base inLake Clark National Parkgives us the opportunity to immerse yourself in the best of the Alaska Bush. You will be standing in the middle of incredible scenery of glacial clad mountains, wild rivers, and pristine lakes, and have opportunities to view the variety of wildlife that call this area home.

Factors such as location, being off of the road system, and the remoteness of the area give you the advantage to see more, do more, and experience more of the true Alaska. Since this area is off the mainstream tours and road system, you will not have the hassle of dealing with large tour groups and their set interests, which in the end can have most of your time spent traveling on a tour bus.

As you travel through this country, you will have many opportunities to view wildlife and a large variety of birds. By being situated in the middle of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, you will have plenty of majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes and rivers, lush vegetation, and a host of wildflowers to photograph. Lake Clark National Park is the meeting place for the Arctic/Interior, Aleutian, and Coastal/Pacific Rainforest climates. These ecosystems mixed together provide a great place to see characteristics from all over Alaska in one place, which is one of the reasons this area is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable places you will ever see, definitely one worth visiting. Not only will you see incredible Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, but we will also show you the best of Katmai National Park and Preserve, where famous Brooks Falls is located. There you will be able to photograph numerous bears as they feed on the salmon running up the river. With this expedition, you will see two of the most breathtaking and astonishing National Parks inaccessible to the road system, and all that they have to offer you with some of the most unbelievable and memorable sights.

We offer an 8-day trip that lets you experience the Alaska dream that you envision, whether you are into Bird watching, more wildlife viewing, or more adventuresome. We are also offering a group photo workshop that will be instructed by professional photographerC.C. Lockwood, who has established himself as one of the nation’s outstanding nature and wildlife photographers. Well balanced meals and snacks will be served throughout the trips, either back at our base in Lake Clark where you can enjoy all the comforts of home or Dutch oven style meals around a camp. We stress the importance of great meals, both in taste and in nutritional value, and will also cater to specific needs such as vegetarians and people with food allergies.

All aspects of our trips are given thoughtful consideration with the goal of producing the best possible experience for our guests. Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide them with an incredible opportunity to discover incredible Lake Clark National Park.


Daily Schedule for the Alaska Wilderness Photography Workshop

Day 1— Arrive in Port Alsworth after a spectacular flight viewing glacial clad mountains and wild rivers through part of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. On arrival, board a boat operated by a licensed Captain to travel 2 miles across beautiful Lake Clark to Dice Bay. Here you will be met by your host and shown into your accommodations. Later, there will be an orientation meeting followed by dinner and preparations for a 2-day overnight trip. Later in the evening, an optional boat ride to a scenic overlook to photograph the sunset across the lake will be offered.

Day 2/3— Begin the day with a hearty breakfast and depart via boat for an overnight trip to the emerald green waters of Little Lake Clark and an extraordinary glacial area teaming with water falls, spectacular scenery, shear rock faces, and all around gorgeous landscape. Two main waterfalls — one with a gaping cave entrance — two rivers, and a rock face lagoon will be the main points of interest. The camp-over at one of these scenic locations will be in deluxe style with spacious tents and cots. Lunch will be served during the day and that evening your host will provide a complete dinner Dutch oven style.

There will also be another optional boat trip this evening to another scenic location for the sunset. The morning of day 3 will begin with a great Dutch oven and grill style breakfast and afterwards, the group will take trips up one of the rivers in a jet boat. Later in the day, the group will return to one of the falls for different lighting opportunities. Lunch will be served during the day and there will also be the opportunity on this trip and all the others to possibly view many different types of wildlife such as moose, bears, fox, eagles, etc. The group will return to Dice Bay for the third evening, enjoying dinner and the comforts of Bush life along with another optional evening to photograph the sunset.

Day 4— Start the day off with breakfast and depart for another beautiful river system and one of the larger salmon spawning rivers in the world. On the way, there will be a tour of the remains of one of the oldest Athabaskin villages, followed by a tour of the oldest Lodge on the lake, which both will provide great photo opportunities. The group will then take a short nature trail walk through an attractive cottonwood forest to the river. Upon reaching the river, there will be a jet boat trip up a portion of the river to the Salmon pools with photographic potential. This whole area will enthuse the landscape photographer or any photographer for that matter with glassy water, tall Spruce trees, and mountains jotting up from the river and upper lake. A fireside smoked Salmon lunch will be served during the day and the group will return that evening to Lake Clark and Dice Bay.

Day 5— The day will begin with breakfast and the group will then board a boat for a trip to another trail. Upon reaching the trail, the group will hike 1.8 miles to another picturesque waterfall. After spending time at the waterfall, the day will continue on by hiking to an upper lake where lunch will be served and optional canoeing on the water for scenic photography of the surrounding area, mountains, etc. Traditionally, there is Dall sheep in the area and if weather permits there will be a possible optional strenuous hike to an overlooking mountain to view and photograph Dall sheep, black bear, and other wildlife. At the end of the day, the group will board a boat for a return trip back to Dice Bay and the evening meal, and optional trip to a scenic spot for sunset pictures.

Day 6— The morning will begin with breakfast and the group will depart for Brooks Falls by floatplane, allowing aerial photography along the way and detouring for picturesque shots including the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Upon arrival at Brooks Falls, the group will take a trip to the bear-viewing platform that morning. There will be great scenic photo opportunities here and the group would then continue on an optional trail hike to the top of a mountain for distant scenic landscape photo opportunities. Lunch would be served during the day and the group will return for the evening to the Brooks Falls area for the evening meal, bear viewing on the platform, and a night in a deluxe style camp setup.

Day 7— After a great breakfast, the group will head out for more Bear viewing at the platform. Later in the morning, the group will travel on a 20-mile vehicle trip up to the Valley of 10,000 Smokes with wildlife viewing opportunities along the way. Once the group has reached the valley, they will be able to view and photograph the surrounding volcanic landscape and scenic remains of volcanic activity where thousands of vents of smoke were emitted. The group will then hike to a stunning falls in this area for more great photographic opportunities. At the end of the evening, the group will return to Brooks Falls area for evening bear viewing on the platform and overnight in a deluxe style camp setup.

Day 8— In the morning, after breakfast the group will enjoy more bear viewing on the platform overlooking the Brooks Falls. The group will then take a trip over to Naknek/King Salmon to view the Bristol Bay Fishing Area, and take a tour of an old Salmon cannery, view fishing fleet, and other highlights. At this point “goodbye’s and see you later” would be said as the group boards a short evening jet flight from King Salmon’s Airport to Anchorage.

Throughout the week we will provide an hour scenic flight within Lake Clark for each individual in the group in a Piper Super Cub, a two place Bush Aircraft. On this flight we do allow the door of the aircraft to be open on slow flight for photographs.

Your Hosts


CC Lockwood

Throughout his career, C.C. Lockwood has established himself as one of the nation’s outstanding nature and wildlife photographers and as the premier Chronicler of the natural wonders of Louisiana and the Gulf Region, including the Yucatan peninsula. He has also done much work throughout the west and in Alaska. He is the recipient of the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams award for outstanding conservation photography.

He is the author and photographer of nine coffee table books and is working on five more at the present time. The next to be released is a book about the ecology of the beach. Lockwood’s photographs are held in many personal, museum, and corporate collections.

His editorial work includes three major assignments with National Geographic Magazine and 1000’s of photographs published in other magazines, books, brochures, calendars, posters, post cards, annual reports, billboards, movie sets, and about everywhere else photographs can be published. Most recently, C.C. was honored as a Louisiana Legend by Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

C.C. has been teaching workshops since 1975 in locations such as the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana, the marsh, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon on raft trips. Besides helping you with your landscape and wildlife photographs, he will be able to help you with the business aspects of selling and publishing your photography.

Published Books

Atchafalaya, America’s Largest River Basin Swamp, includes 137 color photographs and text by Lockwood, 1981
The Gulf Coast: Where Land Meets Sea, includes 160 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1984
Discovering Louisiana, includes 155 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1986
The Yucatán Peninsula, includes 142 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1989
• C.C. Lockwood’s Louisiana Nature Guide, includes 246 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1995
Beneath the Rim: A Photographic Journey Through the Grand Canyon, includes 137 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1996
Around the Bend, A Mississippi River Adventure, includes 158 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1998
Still Waters, Images, 1971-1999, includes 100 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 2000
The Alligator Book, includes 144 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 2002

Preston Cavner

Your licensed Guide and Outfitter for the trip, Preston Cavner, has enjoyed living in the remote Alaska Bush and will show you firsthand this spectacular area where he and his wife live. Cavner has always loved the outdoors and naturally, chose the guiding occupation that presented him with a worldwide outdoor office. After first seeing the Lake Clark region, he knew from that moment that all trips would return here–a place that he calls home.

Cavner has vast knowledge and experience of the Lake Clark and Katmai area, whether it is from hiking through its majestic mountains, the hours spent in small bush planes flying over the area, or boating on the lakes, rivers, and ocean coastline that surround the peninsula. As a licensed Guide and Captain, he will navigate the group to a new and exciting location each day while overseeing all the events. He, along with his company Cavner and Julian Inc., will provide lodging, modes of transportation, experience in the area, appetizing meals that are well balanced and close to gourmet, and make sure that all the details of the workshop are attended to.

Both Cavner and Lockwood will be a great informative source on local wildlife, vegetation, mountain peaks, berries, history of the area and National Parks, and will help to give you a better understanding of this incredible area. From the first night orientation session to the end of the week, the trip will offer great instruction and photographic opportunities for landscape, scenery, and wildlife. With areas already chosen for incredible prospects in landscape and wildlife, you can be sure that your trip to Alaska will be amazing and unforgettable, and that you’ll have plenty of astonishing photographs at the weeks end! With the combination of both Cavner and Lockwood, this workshop will offer a great chance to gain more of the professionalism you desire and present an incredible environment to work on or polish your photography skills.

Pack List

A few travel tips – Each and every individual has his or her own way of traveling, some travel light and some travel heavy. We encourage you to pack wisely – on one hand bringing too much gear and equipment will hamper you and on the other too little gear will leave you cold and lacking. It is our desire for this web page to assist you as a reference guide in making decisions that only you can make.

Some of our trips have certain weight and size restrictions and a large suitcase may end up lagging behind on a trip in a jet plane and especially, in a small Bush plane. These restrictions are in place for your safety and your convenience. Cavner and Julian Inc. will not be held responsible for overweight or oversized baggage denied transportation, and hopefully such gear will follow us as soon as possible, but will certainly be a major downside to the trip. With care this, of course, can be avoided. It is recommended to use soft-sided luggage and bag sizes that are conducive to fit in airplane compartments.

It is advised to pack the minimum amount of equipment necessary for the type of trip you have booked. Use hard cases such as Pelican cases for fragile equipment on the main airlines or carry them on with your carry on items. Remember, whatever gear you bring you should be able to comfortably carry it, especially out on a hike. You will be far more comfortable packing around less than more.

We also encourage you to mentally prepare for the area you are traveling to by reading up on the area and visiting other helpful links in this site. Your preparation will enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the area, the mountains, rivers, and animals.

• 1 Set of PVC Rain Gear
• Flashlight
• 1 pair Leather with Gore-Tex Boots (no more than 200 grams insulation)
• Rubber hip waders (La Crosse ankle fit)
• Slip-on shoes
• Sleeping bag (20 degrees)
• 1 pair of gloves
• Sun hat
• Stocking hat or cap with ear flaps
• 4 or more pairs of quality socks (wool or polyester)
• 1 pair long johns
• 2 pairs of pants (variety)
• 3 or more T-shirts or long sleeves
• 1 Wool sweater
• 1 Fleece Pullover/ Jacket/ Sweater
• 1 Thin jacket (water resistant or water proof)
• Toiletry articles
• Extra prescription glasses or contacts, if needed
• Sunglasses
• Mole skin for any blisters
• Any medication
• Head net (for bugs, mosquitoes)
• Bug spray
• Water bottle
• Leatherman plier tool
• Plastic trash bags and/or water proof bags
• 2 Camera bodies to fit all your lenses
• Tripod (ball head or pan head)
• Wide angle lens 20 to 35mm
• Macro lens 105mm or 200mm
• Telephoto lens 300 – 500mm (wildlife)
• Regular lens 50 mm, or a 35 – 70mm, with macro feature if desired
• Medium telephoto- 180 – 200mm or 80 -200 zoom
• 1.4x teleconverter for the telephoto
• Flash – strobe (TTL flash capabilities)
• Film (10-20 rolls a day)
• Cleaning fluid, lens tissue, and blower ball
• 81-A filters and Circular polarizing warming filters
• 2 – stop split density filters
• Extra batteries
• Jeweler’s screwdrivers
• Camera equipment designed backpack

What To Do Next

To sign up — Call or email to reserve a spot and then send in a 50% deposit of $2700.

Cavner and Julian, Inc.
1 Dice Bay
Port Alsworth, AK 99653-9999
cavnerandjulian@msn.comor phone at (907) 781-2231 or (907) 223-9386

For questions to the host and guide, Preston Cavner call:
(907) 781-2231 or (907) 223-9386

For Questions to the Photo instructor, CC Lockwood call:
(225) 769-4766

CC Lockwood is a widely published photographer and experienced teacher. I have known CC for several years and we co-lead a Grand Canyon workshop expedition together last year. This is not aLuminous Landscapeworkshop, but I can recommend CC and this workshop to you highly. — Michael

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