Cinematography with Richard Michalak

October 3, 2011 ·

Christopher Sanderson

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Learn Cinematography From An Expert

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About  Lu-La presents Cinematography with Richard Michalak

As a companion Tutorial toLuminous Landscape’s Guide to Cinematography, we are publishing an excellent tutorial on the basics of film-making. 

Richard Michalak is an Australian cinematographer with 40 years of cinema & television credits and awards. He has taken his depth-of-knowledge & experience and created a jam-packed Tutorial on the fundamental principles of film-making & lighting.

The tutorial is presented in a very compact and straight-forward style.

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Other topics include:

Auto Settings: why not?

Shot Description

Shot choice


Shot Framing

Camera Height


Wide & Long Lenses

Moving the Camera

How to move the Camera Handheld

Focusing the Camera

Focusing a DSLR

Frame Rate

Slow Motion

Shutter Speed



ISO / Gain


What Camera?


White Balance

Why Light a Film?

Three Point Lighting

Soft & Hard Ligh



Shooting with the Sun

Choice of Background

Brightness of Background


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October 2011

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Chris was a founding Partner of The Luminous Landscape and a member of the Board of The Luminous Endowment

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