Greenland ‘Immensity’ – 2016

Kevin Raber narrates trip video footage and looks at several of his shots in Scoresbysund, Eastern Greenland from a trip in 2016

Masters: William Neill

An eight part video series (5 Interview, 3 Location) featuring William Neill shot in and around Yosemite National Park

Antarctica 2014

The Luminous Landscape workshop in Antarctica 2014 “Fly the Drake”. Flying from Punta Arenas in Chile to Frei Station in the South Shetlands, the participants

The Kimberley – Australia

A photo adventure trip to the Kimberley region of Western Australia with instructors Michael Reichmann & Kevin Raber accompanied by Art Wolfe and Christian Fletcher.

The Palouse: a Washington State Photo Trip

Michael and five friends travel through the eastern & central parts of Washington State in 2007. Starting from the high viewpoint of Steptoe Butte near

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