On March 11th ’03 the hard disk on my main desktop PC crashed. (Not the server that this site runs on — there’s no problem there). All of the data on the PC’s drive was found to be irretrievable (unless I want to spend an estimated $3,500 with a data recovery service, and even then there are no guarantees). The cause was a failure of the bearings in the Toshiba hard drive. The drive was only 18 months old.

Fortunately I have backups ofmostimportant files as well as all of the image files that were on the disk. And, applications can be easily reloaded on a new drive.But, I did lose some important data. This includes…

— Everyone on my January 2004 African Safari workshop or waitlist

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— Everyone who has registered for the Summer 2004 Iceland Workshop waitlist

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— Anyone who has submitted articles for publication that are not already online

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I apologize for any inconvenience. Areyouproperly backed up?