Digital Seminar

Presented byMichael H. ReichmannofThe Luminous Landscapeon behalf ofCAPIC
Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications

On January 22-23, 2003 I will be presenting a two day seminar in Toronto for professional and other photographers interested in understanding the transition to using digital SLRs. The seminar will feature a comprehensive presentation on purchasing decisions, best practices (both in the studio and in the field) as well as efficient workflow. Both tools and techniques will be examined in detail.

The seminar will feature presentations by several other professional photographers as well asApple Computers Inc.

The venue is the facilities ofStudio One, 9 Davies Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. (Just east of the Don Valley Parkway, off Queen Street; easily accessible by public transit and with local parking available). Seminar hours are 9am to 5pm on both days.Directions.

Seminar Details

Day One — Jan 22
Digital SLR’s Purchasing, Best Practices & Workflow
Michael Reichmann & Guests

Registration 8:15am
Seminar begins at 9am sharp
15 min. Coffee break at 10:15am
1 hour lunch at 12:30pm
15 min coffee break at 2:45pm

Guest speakers: Peter Stranks(Film Stills)
Jim Anderson (Purchase options)
Michael Cooper (Performance photography)

This full day seminar is intended to give those considering buying a digital SLR system comprehensive information on the systems available and what they will need in terms of peripherals to maximize their workflow. TheLuminous Landscape’sMichael Reichmann will discuss the pros and cons of "going digital", issues surrounding camera choices, memory cards, chargers, travel issues and much more. Inter-dispursed throughout Michael’s presentation will be cameos by a variety of local advertising, wedding and film stills photographers who have made the transition to digital. They will share what they have learned through real world working experience. This seminar is a must for anyone considering the switch to digital SLRs.

Day Two — Jan 23
Digital SLR’s Data Management, Image Processing & Apple Laptops
Michael Reichmann & Apple Canada

Registration 8:15am
Seminar begins at 9am sharp
15 min. Coffee break at 10:15am
1 hour lunch at 12:30pm
Apple presentation 1:30pm
15 min coffee break at 2:45pm

This full day seminar is a continuation of Digital SLR’s purchasing, Best Practices & Workflow, but is a stand-alone day focused on the Processing, Storage, & the computer side of the SLR digital workflow. In the first half of this seminar, Michael will discuss efficient image processing, portable computers vs. digital wallets, card readers and transfer options as well as desktop computer systems, PhotoShop and other processing software. He will speak about backup archiving, CD’s, DVDs and more.

The second half of this seminar is sponsored by Apple Canada. They will give a presentation and provide valuable information on working with Apple laptops. There will be discussion about Mac OS X as it relates to photographers including the transition to OS X and how it affects applications, devices and the photographer’s workflow. Apple will cover the hardware and distinguish between iBooks and PowerBooks in performance and expandability.

Costs & Registration Information

$100 for each separate day, or $200 for both days ($ Canadian).

CAPIC Members & PPO / PPOC /IATSE / ECNPA Members receive a special price of $50 day or $100 for 2 Days.

Tickets should be purchased in advance from CAPIC

Mastercard / Visa / Debit / cheques & cash are accepted.

Please callElaine Kilburn@ 416-766-4463 or