Download Video FAQ

QuickTime for Windows is available as afreedownloadhereand for Machere.

VLC Media Player is available free for all platformshere.

Windows user with QuickTime?Look here first!

Lightroom Tutorial Question?Look here.



General Questions

Q: How do I find my order? Where are my files?

A:Simplylog inat the store.
Then follow this path:
Log In / MyAccount / PreviousOrders – View / Download Now


A : Find the email you were sent from our Store titled ‘[NEW ORDER] Order Confirmation No: 110xxxxx’. This email contains a URL to your order; click it, log in with your registered email address and password and you will see all your files. We can also email you that URL link if you wish, just contact .

Q: My downloads have expired! What do I do?

A:No problem. Just drop us an email to with the title ‘Reset Please!’ and with your Customer Name and registered email address in the body. We will reset your available file count.


Q: I have logged in to my account and cannot see the download order. What do I do?

A: You may have set up multiple accounts with different email addresses and logged in to the ‘wrong’ account.
It is also possible that your order became ‘stranded’ by a timeout if the credit card approval process took too long. Send us an email and we will check your order for the correct login or otherwise ‘rescue’ any stranded order; the fix is fairly simple.

Q: I have downloaded the files but cannot find them; I did not have a chance to Save to Disk. Where are the files?

A: Your web browser will have a default directory/folder in which it stores downloaded files. Check your browser’s preferences for this location – the files will be there – they are automatically saved to disk.

Q: My download stopped/slowed/timed out after 100MB. What do I do ?

Q: Why is your server so slooow?

A: Some ISPs (Internet Service Provider) have a limit on the size of file you may download. They may also ‘choke’ or throttle back the download after you have used a certain limit during a period of time. Check with your ISP to see if this is the case. The solution is to use an unlimited account with your ISP or another ISP.

You can also try a download manager (some work, some do not) or browser that allows you to restart a ‘paused’ or partial download. If you have a Download Manger enabled and your downloads are failing, please try disabling it.

It is best if you download one file at a time. Multiple simultaneous downloads are far more likely to fail.

Don’t worry if you have used your available downloads, drop us an email and we will reset your available file count. If you have a slow connection, try again in non-peak hours 0200-0400 Eastern Time (UTC-5).

Q: I have the Hi-Res version, how do I get the free iPod version (or vice versa)?

A: You should have received a coupon code in a thank-you email from us after your initial purchase. This allows you to ‘re-purchase’ the different version at no charge. If you need that coupon code, just drop us an email with a copy of your receipt and we will send you the code.

Q: I never received any email from you with coupons. Why not?

A: The email probably was caught in a Spam filter. You will need to allow emails from .

Q: Why do you use those annoying place-holder files?

A:Each segment of the four and a half hour video was posted as it was completed, so we needed to create a multiple file product. Our shopping cart software makes it impossible to add files to an order. So, we use place-holder files for future video segments. Those place-holders are replaced when the real file is available.

Q: Why can’t I have just one large file for download? That would be much simpler!

A: Since we are staggering the release by segment, we need multiple files. Also we try to optimize the file size for the ‘average’ user to download. While some users have very high-speed connections and would prefer one super-large file, many customers have slow or limited connections and prefer smaller files.

Q: My order says that the Link expires 06/02/2007. Why has it expired?

A: It has not expired yet; that expiry date is June 2nd, 2007 – not February 6th! Download orders are valid for 93 days after purchase.

Lightroom Tutorial Questions


Q: The server says my files have expired. What can I do ?

A: Just send an email to and we will reset the availability of downloads for your files. No, you do not have to buy the thing again ;-).

Q: Which video files are currently available for the Tutorial ?

A: All eight files are available for download:

1. Introduction – 17 minutes
2. Library 1 of 2 – 35 minutes
3. Library 2 of 2 – 29 minutes
4. Develop 1 of 3 – 31 minutes
5. Develop 2 of 3 – 35 minutes
6. Develop 3 of 3 – 38 minutes
7. Print, Slideshow, Web 1 of 1 – 46 minutes
8. Preferences, Conclusion 1 of 1 – 34 minutes

Q: Do you have a Table of Contents or Index for the Lightroom Tutorial’s eight video files ?

A: Yes. Please gohere.

Q: I downloaded the place-holder files! What do I do?

A:No problem. Just drop us an email with the title ‘Reset Please!’ and we will reset your available file count.

The Lightroom Tutorial is made up of 8 to 10 segments, or about four and a half hours of video. The ‘real’ movies are typically 100MB in size. The small 2MB files in your order are placeholders only for future files of the same name.

Each subsequent segment will be posted to this product as it becomes available during March and April ’07. Watch the L-LWhat’s Newpage for announcements of new files.

Q: Will the Lightroom Tutorial be available as a DVD ?

A: No. Download video gives far greater flexibility and faster turn-around.

QuickTime for Windows Player Problems


** Vista users are urged to useVLC Player! **

Q:When I try to play a video the sound is absolutely fine, but the screen just shows green/black fuzziness 

A:Open QuickTime 7
Click on Edit tab and go to Preference,
Then click on QuickTime Preference.
Once that opens, click on Advanced tab
You will see a selection for video or direct X.
Click on Safe mode(GDI only)
Then click on Apply, then OK.
Restart QuickTime and play a movie to test.

Q: I cannot get QuickTime to work properly on my computer. What do I do?

A: QuickTime & Windows troubleshooting tips are available here. Make certain you have installed a recent version of DirectX.

The codec that is used in our download videos (H.264) requires the use of QuickTime 7.1.3. or higher. Attempting to play the .mov files in another player may cause poor quality, severe artifacting or broken video. See alternative player below.

Should you have recently installed other player software, ‘permissions’ may have been altered. Amongst the many posts on Apple’sQuickTime for Windowsdiscussion forum, you may find some help.

Q: Is there an alternative to QuickTime?

A: Yes! If you’re unable/unwilling to use the latest QuickTime (such as for Vista users), these files are playable with theVLC Media Player( ). It’s free and is available for a variety of operating systems including OS X, Windows, Linux and BSD. VLC Media Player does not support drop-down menu navigation.

Some Windows users have also reported success withQuickTime Alternative.

Q:I am using ‘Vista’, is there a QuickTime version for that? 

A:No, to date there is no version for Vista but see above. Some people have reported being able to use QuickTime 7.1.3. . . Caution! Your milage may vary.




Q:Why do you use .zip compressed files when it saves so little space? files are a requirement of the download function of our shopping cart.

Q: How do I open the .zip files?

A: You will need a small free utility like Unzip. It is available for all platforms here.

Q: The .zip files will not decompress! Is the original file corrupted ?

A: No, the original file on our server is fine; the corruption likely occurred during the download process – especially if it took longer than usual. Disable any Download Manager, *Re-boot your browser* and please try again.

Q: I cannot see the drop-down navigation menu, why not?

A: Access to the navigation menu is at the bottom right corner of the QuickTime Player window.

The only versions of our files that support drop down-menu navigation are the .mov Hi-Res files played in QuickTime Player; neither the Hi-Res .mp4 nor the iPod version .m4v support menus.

Q:Why do you watermark the video?

A:The QuickTime videos have no copy protection and can be distributed in contravention of our copyright. We would like to maintain the non-protected state of the videos but realise that some will copy them and pass them on. If we have a watermark imbedded in the video, we hope that non-paying viewers will at least know where the video originated and perhaps come and visit us! We try hard to keep the watermark as unintrusive as possibe with a 50% opacity and a position over non-critical content.

Q: Can I watch the files on a television set ?

A: Yes. While primarily designed to be watched on a computer monitor, there are various ways of viewing the download video on a television set.

The easiest is if your compuer has an S-Video output. Also easy is a hardware device such as an Apple TV box or other X-Box-like device that can take digital files and export them as a component video signal. The files can also be transferred to a DVD-Video if you have the appropriate software to create a DVD-Video. But please remember, that since these files are highly compressed for download, the quality will not be quite as good as a regular DVD-Video.


For additions, deletions, or suggested improvements
to this FAQ, please let us know