Epson 7000

January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

Epson 7000 Printers

Rumours & Facts

April 28, 2000

There have been rumours of a new wide-carriage Epson printer for a number of months, the model 7000. Information in Japanese has been up on Epson’s domestic web site for some time and recently English language details have appeared onEpson’s UK. web site.

As appealing as this printer is ( model 1270 quality in 24" wide unit for under $4,000 U.S. ) the real excitement is that there will bea second modelthat will utilize pigment-based ultra-archival inks. Apparently Epson will rate these as having a fade-resistant life of 100+ years!

Apparently these were shown and announced this week at theGutenberg Festival, which took place at theLong Beach Convention Center. The word is that this printer (exact model number unknown‚ possibly 7500) will ship in the U.S. some time later this summer.

More information will appear here as it becomes available.


June 17, 2000

Hereis a link to Epson’s U.S. site with additional information.

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