Fine Print

The Fine Print

Selection of the winner will be done on a random basis from the list of people who subscribe toThe Video Journal.

When you enter a new subscription your name is automatically entered in the contest. Everyone with a current subscription good through LLVJ-16 or beyond is automatically included. If your subscription expired with LLVJ-15, you will need to re-subscribe to be eligible.

There is no cash equivalent to the prize. It must be accepted as given, or declined.

T he winner agrees to allow his or her name to be published on theLuminous Landscapeweb site in association with the Contest promotion.

You are also made eligible by registering on theLuminous Landscape store. No purchase is necessary when registering. Your email address will be added to our database and you will revive occasional communications from us as new promotions are offered. Your name and contact informationwill notbe provided to any other person or organization. Note that registration is only required by those who are not already registered on the new shopping cart as subscribers, pre Nov 25, 2005.

(Of course if you do purchase a subscription under this promotion you’ll also be supporting this site, its continued growth and value to yourself as well as the entire photographic community. Not to mention also receiving one of the most exciting new photographic resources available. The choice is yours. Thanks.)

This contest isnotsponsored by any product manufacturer and is a sole promotion byThe Luminous Landscape Inc. Your name and contact information will not be provided to or used by any other person or company other than The Luminous Landscape Inc., regarding this promotion and The Video Journal.

I recently became a subscriber to your video journal, and what can I say? I just love it.
I have watched the back issues I ordered with great enjoyment. Makes me wish I started subscribing a long time ago.