From Camera to Print

July 11, 2011 ·

Michael Reichmann

A 6 Hour and 40 Minute Multi-Segment
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with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe


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I have downloaded the entire series and am a little over half way though watching it.
It is absolutely first rate and is clarifying a lot of questions I’vd had about the entire digital workflow.
I find the discussion format between Michael and Jeff particularly helpful. I’m sure I’ll rewatch many segments.

Eleanor Brown

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Learn Fine Art Printing From The Experts


During 2006 Jeff Schewe and I published two Lightroom Tutorial DVDs; one for Beta 1 and another for Beta 3 and then followed up earlier this year with a 5 hour download tutorial onLightroom V1, and a further follow up on V1.1. These were extremely popular, and helped many thousands of people get up-to-speed with this exciting new program.

Our live video approach has been so well received that we have now turned our attention to the subject that is most challenging for photographers –thecraft of fine art printing.

It is an ongoing challenge to produce digital files in-camera that are optimized for printing, and then to work with the best contemporary software and hardware tools to produce quality prints. In this almost 7 hour video tutorial, Jeff and Michael explore in-depth virtually every topic that needs to be covered – from camera settings, to printer settings (both Windows and Mac), RIPs, paper types and choices, softproofing, current printer models (2007/8), colour management, profiling options, rendering intents, monochrome printing…..(you get the idea).If it’s about printing, we cover it – in depth.

For a recent (early 2011) independent review of our tutorial by Peter. vdHamer, please go to his Web site.


N.B. A new printing tutorial‘Camera to Print & Screen’will be published August 1st, 2011.

All purchases of ‘Camera to Print -2008′include a discount for the new tutorial. *

* a PDF with discount code has been placed in the final download .zip file: ‘
Contactcustomer servicefor details


You have done it again, terrific series with Jeff.
It is amazing the stuff you thought you knew until you hear it explained again, properly.
Well done on a really comprehensive series on printing and all the stuff connected with it.
I will be showing sections to my students when I start back in college in late Sept.
Yourself and Jeff make a great tag team and are a font of knowledge.

Anthony Hobbs
Acting Head of Department of Media
National College of Art and Design

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About The Tutorial

From Camera to Print– is comprehensive, with nearly 7 hours of live video training. The price is just US $34.95

The tutorial videos are designed to be viewed on a computer monitor usingVLC Player, QuickTime Player or other media players. It is available as a Standard Definition Video Download. The video can be viewed on a television;see our FAQ.

No shipping costs, no import taxes or duties. No delays. Order now and you could start watching in minutes.

The complete tutorial is divided into 25 segments contained in 8 zip files, each about 250-300MB in size. Once purchased from our online store using a major credit card, these may be downloaded at any time. The files are not copy protected or DRM encoded. They will play on any Windows PC or Mac, anywhere in the world.


The C2P video was one of the best investments I have ever made for learning how to print from CS3.
The section on Soft Proofing was worth the cost alone.

S. Selinger

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This is a true example of the benefits of downloading!
Incredible information that is both timely while at the same time timeless.
Of all the resources available to the aspiring photographer today,
this tutorial is firmly in the #1 slot for anyone who wants to improve their printing output.

Jeff Ball

Table of Contents

ATable of Contentsmay be foundhere

Frequently Asked Questions

AFAQfor Download Video and QuickTime can be foundhere.

Note that because this tutorial is a Hi-Res download
there are no shipping costs, import taxes, or duties.


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Learn Fine Art Printing From The Experts

I purchased Camera to Print yesterday and started viewing the first couple of modules tonight via my Apple TV.
Kudos for a great tutorial.
You and Jeff offer a unique product that shares your collective knowledge and resources in a fun and entertaining format.

Bud James

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July, 2011

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Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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