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Michael Reichmann


Orlando, FL (February 24 – 27, 2001) — ILFORD Imaging is pleased to announce the North American launch of its new GALERIE line of premium desktop inkjet photo paper for the professional user. ILFORD GALERIE photo paper combines stateoftheart inkjet receiving technology with a sturdy, robust base to produce optimal results when used in conjunction with today’s high-speed desktop printers. The GALERIE range is comprised of four new products in GALERIE Classic Pearl, GALERIE Classic Gloss, GALERIE Smooth Pearl and GALERIE Smooth Gloss.

Both the Classic Pearl and Classic Gloss papers deliver the look and feel of a traditional photograph with outstanding color stability on dye printers. The Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss papers incorporate a new microceramic technology that produces instant dry heavyweight photographic prints on dye and pigment printers. The result is a new line of professional quality inkjet photo papers that feature a wide range of choices and solutions for digital imaging enthusiasts.

"The GALERIE line is a perfect compliment to our existing range of traditional and digital imaging products for serious users," said Brian Zimmer, Marketing Manager, Reseller Channels and Consumer Markets for ILFORD Imaging USA Inc. "Whether you are a student, a professional photographer or a serious amateur, ILFORD has the ideal solution to meet your individual needs," Zimmer continued. "All of the ILFORD GALERIE papers are resin coated, and are designed to give a true photographic look and feel".

ILFORD GALERIE Classic Gloss paper is coated on a traditional RC base and has been developed to meet the demands of the latest dye based printers in the marketplace. In addition to offering the look and feel of a true photograph, GALERIE Classic Gloss delivers consistent results from print to print, and will last for up to 20 years when used in conjunction with high quality dye inks.

ILFORD GALERIE Classic Pearl paper utilizes a more traditional finish to deliver a classic professional look and feel, excellent image stability and superb consistency from print to print. The paper’s traditional pearl finish prevents glare, minimizes fingerprint marks and gives the feel of a true photographic print. Images produced on GALERIE Classic Pearl have similar stability to true photographic prints, and will last up to 20 years when used in conjunction with high quality dye inks.

The GALERIE Smooth Gloss and Smooth Pearl papers utilize a new microceramic coating technology to deliver prints that are ‘instant dry’ and can be handled immediately after printing. Both the Smooth Gloss and Smooth Pearl papers are ideal for any user who needs to produce high quality

prints in a short amount of time. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, they are particularly good for photo comps and other applications that require quick production of one-off prints. The Smooth papers feature a 280gsm ultra heavyweight base providing a premium photographic look and feel.

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