Guide to Image Quality

Maximize the Image Quality of every shot you make!

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About the Guide to Image Quality

The tutorial is made up of nine videos ( 3 to 11) excerpted from the TutorialFrom Camera to Print & Screen

The tutorial identifies the key factors that lead to exceptional in-camera image quality –or lack of it!
Learn what techniques to use and what pitfalls to avoid.

Michael & Jeff discuss & demonstrate the effects on Image Quality of:

–  Resolution
–  Image Stabilization
– Tripod use
–  Mirror Lock-up & Cable Release
–  High ISO
–  ETTR: Expose to the Right 
–  HDR: High Dynamic Range
–  Noise & its removal

–  Lens Diffraction
–  Focus Bracket Technique
–  Panoramas & Stitching
–  Seeing beyond the Camera Defaults
–  Selection Editing 
– Front & Back Focus Adjustment –
Lens Align 

This is not only a tutorial on software techniques but more importantly, the practical distillation of the knowledge and experience of two life-long working photographers, Michael Reichmann & Jeff Schewe.

Know what to look forbeforepressing the shutter release and know what to look for when first reviewing your pictures.


The purchase of this tutorial will allow a discount on the purchase ofCamera to Print & Screen.

For discount details, see the Read Me file in the first download zip file.

About the video files

The format isHigh Definition720P video suitable for playback on a modern computer or on an iPad .

The Luminous Landscape Guide to Image Quality is made up of nine separate video files. Each is titled and numbered. The QuickTime .mov files use ‘chapter markers’ for easy navigation to specific points; chapters are a feature of QuickTime Player and may not be visible in other media players.

August 2011