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November 15, 2010 ·

Miles Hecker

Jose de Gracia

Sanctuario de Chimayo Entrance 

©Miles Hecker



Shots of the church exterior work best in soft light.  I took this  the mid morning in late December. It was shot at a 35mm focal length on a full frame 35mm DLSR. Outdoor light in New Mexico is very bright and harsh in the summer. I strongly recommend winter or overcast days as the best time for exterior architectural photography lightwise.


Early morning gives the best and softest light. The light may be equally soft just before sunset, but you run the risk of the wind coming up. Indoors, use available light. Flash is intrusive and inappropriate in a house of worship. Respect those in prayer, even if you don’t share their devotion.


LENS: 24-70mm for 35mm cameras,  17-40mm for crop sensor cameras

FILTERS: none needed


Negative films: the B&W film of your choice


See:Digital cameras for landscape work.


About Miles Hecker

Miles has been involved with photography for over forty years. He teaches digital photography at Casper College in Casper,Wyoming. His photos have won awards fromNatures Best magazine,, The Luminous LandscapeandWyoming WIldlife . Miles’ photos have been published in American Vignette, Backpacker Magazine, Natures Best Images, Popular Photography, Wyoming Audubon, and Wyoming Wildlife. He is co-founder ofWyoFOTO LLC.


November, 2010

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