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July 10, 2014 ·

Christopher Sanderson

Last week we launched the NEW Kimberley video on our LuLa Video Page.  This was to be part of our regular video content and was selling for $10.00 USD.  We have now reconsidered this and would like everyone to view this video at no cost.  Therefore today we now launch the Kimberley video that can be viewed below at no charge.

The Kimberley Region as you will see in the video is an amazing location and a photographer’s paradise that should definitely be on yourmust-visitlocation list.  Share the Kimberley  adventure with Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber as they review prints of the images they took and enjoy the video of the trip itself. 

If you would like to be part of an adventure like the one on this video, please check out ourKimberley 2015 Workshoppage.  We’d love to have you onboard next year for this amazing trip.  As a way of enticing you we are offering a $1000 discount off the trip cost if you register by July 16, 2014 11PM (Eastern US Time)  

If you are a Luminous-Landscape video subscriber you can download this video at no chargeHERE

You may click the HD badge as well as full screen Icon to enjoy this video at its best.

We are testing a service called Viddler against our normal Vimeo embed. Both services appear below. We would love to getyour feed back on the forumif you have comments on either service.






Published July 9, 2014

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Chris was a founding Partner of The Luminous Landscape and a member of the Board of The Luminous Endowment

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