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2007-2008 Endowment Winners Now Announced



About The Endowment

In August of 2007 The Luminous Landscape Inc. created an Endowment Fund to allow photographers to pursue special projects or educational opportunities. Using a portion of revenue from the sale of our From Camera to Print video tutorial, as well as contributions from philanthropic readers and corporations, the endowment is to be used by photographers like you to pursue a special project, further formal photographic education, finance project related travel, or to mount an exhibition or show. Almost any worthwhile project associated with fine art photography will be considered.


Individual and Corporate Donations

In addition to monies derived from purchases of From Camera to Print we received generous donations from a number of individuals and companies which we would like to recognize here…

Alistair Flood, Nicholas Kitto, Kevin Gallagher, Adrian Levesque, John Huss



Funds Available

Our first funding period has now come to a close, and a total of US $20,000 has been raised. This money is ready to be disbursed to photographers anywhere in the world (except where prohibited by law).


The Selection Panel

Funding requests will be considered by an independent panel of judges, which will consist of some of the world’s leading photographers and photographic educators. The following individuals are members of the judging panel:

Stephen Johnson

Charles Cramer

Seth Resnick

Ian Lyons

Alain Briot

Nick Rains

John Paul Caponigro

Michael Johnston

Michael Reichmann


Applying for a Grant

This grants are intended to allow photographers to pursue a specific photographic ambition. It might be to attend a seminar, workshop, or course (those provided by any of the panel of judges are excluded), to print a show, to mount a show or display of ones work, produce a book, to travel to a location to pursue a specific photographic subject, or to print a limited edition portfolio. These are just some of the types of activities which will be funded. These funds are not intended for the purchase of equipment.

There is no means test associated with this application. We do not require that you prove financial need. Rather, we expect that those who can afford the project that they have in mind will do so and thus allow the funds that are available here to be made available to those with real need.

The rest of the rules are as simple as possible. They are listed below, and constitute the full information required for a grant application. Please read the rules carefully and follow them closely or your application will not be able to be considered.

      • The application period begins on January 12 and ends on February 11, 2008. Awards will be announced on March 11.

      • The judging of entries and the awarding of grants from The Luminous Landscape Endowment Fund is at the sole discretion of the panel of judges. Awards will be made solely on the merits of each application and will be based on a consensus of the judges.
      • Grant recipients agree to permit the use of their name, country of residence, supplied images, and excerpts from their applications. These will be used for informational purposes on this web site only. The Luminous Landscape Inc. makes no claim on any intellectual property submitted or which results from any award given.
      • Grant Recipients agree to allow the publication on The Luminous Landscape web site of follow-up text and images which they will submit within 3 months of the completion of the project. The Luminous Landscape is under no obligation to publish such submissions, though it is anticipated that it will. No additional payments will be made for publication.
      • Projects for which funding is approved must be undertaken beginning within 6 months of funding and completed with 12 month.
      • Projects receiving Endowment funding may not be of a commercial nature or produced for any other remuneration, except for the sale of fine-art prints, books or portfolios resulting from the project undertaken.
      • To apply for a Grant the following information must be provided…
        • Name, full postal address, email address, telephone number(s)
        • A brief summary of the applicant’s activities to date in photography, including professional as well as personal involvements and achievements.
        • A small sample of work already done. This can be in the form of an existing web page or files submitted. These files should be in JPG form, with no dimension larger than 800 pixels. A maximum of 6 images may be submitted. If these are unrelated to the project proposed then they should be examples of the current state of your photographic activities. If they are related to the proposed project then this should be clearly stated.
        • A clear description of the project which the applicant wants funded. This should be a maximum of 300 words and should also contain the following information…
          • Amount of funding requested (Minimum $1,000 / Maximum $5,000 per applicant)
            • (There will be more smaller awards than larger ones so your chances are better with more modest requests)
          • Timing and location: When and where will the project take place?
          • What is the anticipated outcome of the project and how will the funds be used? Be specific.
      • These are the complete rules and available information for applicants. No correspondence will be entered into with applicants other to inform winners of their selection. Entries will not be acknowledged.
      • Applications should be sent by email with the word APPLICATION in the email’s title. Please do not write with questions about submissions as we are unable to respond to correspondence other than applications themselves. A section on the sites discussion forum will be set up for open dialog about the fund, applications and projects.

    Email Your Application With the Word
    In The Title

    Be Concise. Be Clear.


2007-2008 Endowment Winners Now Announced



Michael Reichmann – January, 2008