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Oljeto Wash


Remoteness as source of inspiration

The location where I created Playa Reflections, my previous example, can be reached by parking along the road and walking less than a mile.  In comparison, the side canyon of the San Juan River featured in this second example requires a multi-day hike or a multi-day river trip to be visited.   It is one of the most remote locations on the Colorado Plateau of Southern Utah.

Sometimes remoteness is a source of inspiration.  The fact that a place is rarely if ever visited, means that images of this location are either few or non-existent.  As a result, it is possible to approach these places free of pre-conceptions, our mind unencumbered by images from other photographers, images that visually described the place to us before we ever saw it with our own eyes.

The outcome are images inspired by a direct experience of the place rather than by the work of other artists, images that represent a personal vision of these locations.

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Alain Briot,
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March 2012