20 March, 2014

I am very pleased to announce thatLensworkwill be publishing a new 72 page softcover book of my photography titled “Mexico: The Light and The Warmth”. This book is the third in a new Monograph series to be published by LensWork. This is their very first publication of any kind in colour, as well as in their classic B&W duotones. 

“Mexico: The Light and The Warmth” will be published in mid-May, and is available as part of a one year / four-issue Monograph series from LensWork. The four issue subscription is  $59.00, with discounts available to existing LensWork subscribers

– Find Out More and Purchase – “Mexico: The Light and The Warmth” 


Coming in June, 2014

Here’s a sneak-peak at the front cover of mynextbook, scheduled to be published in June, 2014. It is titled “Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective”. Designed by Arturo Chapa, one of the world’s top book designers, this large format, cloth bound, hard-cover book will have 400 pages, containing 380 images. It will be available in two editions; a signed limited-edition contained in a clam-shell style slip-case, and also in an open edition without slip-case.

The only way to obtain a copy of “Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective” will be through a donation toThe Luminous Endowment For Photographers; (see below).

A documentary on the creation of this book, filmed by Chris Sanderson, will be available on-line once the book is published in June. It will cover the process of the book’s design and creation and will be filmed in Mexico and China, where the book will be printed in April. Michael, Arturo and Chris leave for China in late April to go on-press for the book’s printing.


The Luminous Endowment for Photographers

Paying it Forward…

There is often no way to repay those who throughout our lives have helped us along the way to personal and professional achievement. As my legacy contribution to photography I am creatingThe Luminous Endowment for Photographers, a not-for-profit entity which will provide scholarships, grants and awards to photographers world-wide. 

The Luminous Endowmentwill be officially launched in June, coincident with the publication of my major book project – “Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective”.This 400 page large-format book will only be available through donations to The Luminous Endowment.

Donations to the Endowment fund will be a way for all of us to pay it forward.

More information on both the new book and the Endowment will be available here in the weeks ahead.

Michael Reichmann
20 March, 2014