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Michael Reichmann

Expedition Dates: May 21-28, 2004

Give a Once In A Lifetime Gift — Rafting The Grand Canyon

Don’t miss thisOnce In A Lifetime Experience! This opportunity is unique in design and is only available throughF-8 And Be There Photography Workshops. This exclusive workshop will allow only 12 photographers to spend an unforgettable 8 days rafting, exploring and photographing the entire length of the Grand Canyon. Southwest photographer and workshop leaderSteve Kossackwill conduct the Workshop. Steve has extensive experience both on the river and in the Grand Canyon area, is a resident of Arizona and has rafted the Grand Canyon several times…

Upcanyon, Grand Canyon — May, 2000


Who is This Trip For?

This trip is not for everyone. It was not designed for everyone.

It’s for photographers who are experienced enough to appreciate that this is a truly unique opportunity. It’s for someone who is in good enough physical condition to do a couple of moderate 2-3 hour hikes each day in wilderness conditions.

It’s for an individual who can afford the $4,750 all-inclusive cost for the rafting trip and the workshop. (Travel to and from Las Vegas, Nevada, where our trip originates and concludes, is not included).


About The Rafting Trip

The rafting trip itself is a charter operated for us byGrand Canyon Expeditions. GCE are one of the most experienced and professional rafting companies licensed by the National Park Service to operate public rafting trips through the Grand Canyon.

Please note. While the rafting trip itself is operated by Grand Canyon Expeditions using their equipment and crew, the purpose and its itinerary has been created exclusively byF-8 And Be There Workshops. This is not part of GCE’s regular public rafting trip schedule.


What’s Different? It’s Very Different!

Instead of Rafting with 2 boats and 30 + people, as is the case with a public trip we will have one boat to ourselves and will be able to dictate the pace and places we stop! This is much like a private trip but without the near decade-long waiting list! We will also be experiencing all the comforts and benefits of a professional outfitter along with the freedom of a private trip. This is truly unique. As a special bonus, you will be given as a gift, your ownLowepro Dry Zone 100 Backpack. This will hold all of your photo gear and will eliminate the need to buy expensive cases. It’s a $299 value!

Public trips are designed for people who wish to do a bit of hiking, some sightseeing and simply drifting down the river and shooting the rapids. While we will be doing some of all of these things, we will be scheduling our stops and hikes to be optimized exclusively for photography. Public rafting trips attract a broad range of people from many different walks of life. These people have vastly different interests as well as expectations from such a voyage. Our trip will be highly focused on maximizing the opportunities for doing landscape, nature and wildlife photography. You will meet people from all over the world that share the same photographic interests. You’ll most likely make new friends for a lifetime!

River Rock Sunrise, Grand Canyon‚ May, 2000


About The Workshop

This workshop can be done at any level of photography. There will be special attention given to all participants. There will be as much or as little instruction as desired. The workshop leader will be shooting alongside you at all times. This will provide discussion and assistance on general, as well as specialized topics, ranging from the use of split ND filers for contrast control, how to shoot star trails at night, perspective control, action shooting, wildlife techniques and field craft. Advanced techniques will be constantly discussed, demonstrated and put into practice.

This workshop is about shooting, lots of shooting. There will be no classroom sessions, no lectures, no slide shows, and most importantly, no unnecessary egos. Participants and the group leader will work closely together, sharing knowledge and experience.



In additional to doing photography in one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness locations with other like-minded photographers, the rafting trip itself is a superb once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rather than repeat the excellent information available online about the basic voyage please visit theGrand Canyon Expeditionsweb site. Keep in mind thatwecontrol the itinerary on this trip.


Trip Highlights

The trip begins in Las Vegas with an orientation meeting presented by GCE on the afternoon of the arrival day followed by a get acquainted meeting of our own. Early the next morning there is a motor coach ride to Lee’s Ferry and the 8 days on the river begins.

The raft has a crew of two, the Boatsman and a Swamper (assistant). These highly experienced people are responsible for our safety, operation of the boat, meal preparation and clean up, and they also act as field guides and naturalists. Your job will be to do photography and enjoy yourself!

You will be sleeping under the stars each night by the side of the river. All camping supplies including sleeping bags are provided. Food is very good and plentiful. But, this is wilderness camping and hiking so don’t expect a walk in the park. Nevertheless any adult in decent physical shape, should have little difficulty with any aspect of this trip.

The trip takes place in late May. This means that though we’ll be avoiding the intense heat of mid-summer the weather can be quite hot. It can also be rainy, cold or windy. The Grand Canyon is unpredictable. But, this is regarded as one of the best times of year to make the trip.


The Schedule

You will need 10 days. We will be spending 8 days on the river. There will be an orientation session and dinner the day before launch and most people will fly out the day after we land. Here are the dates.

May 20, 2004— Arrive Las Vegas. Orientation session at our hotel. Welcome dinner.

May 21— Early departure by motor coach to Lee’s Ferry. Afternoon boat launch.

May 21-28— On the Colorado River rafting through the Grand Canyon

May 28— Land at Pierce Ferry. Motor coach back to Las Vegas. Departure for home or overnight in Las Vegas


The Cost

The cost of this trip isUS $4,750. This includes the river rafting aspect of the trip, as provided by Grand Canyon Expeditions, and participation in the workshop. Yes, it’s expensive. First cabin, once in a lifetime experiences are. There are discounts available for multiple registrations and early registration. Don’t forget that you will receive the Lowepro Dry Zone backpack as a gift!

The deposit payment for this workshop is $2,375 USD. Is due upon registration. The remaining balance is due no later than February 1, 2004 — 110 days before our trip. If there is a need to cancel, a full refund less $500 will be honored, but only if a replacement can be found. Trip insurance is highly suggested.


Why Do It?

This workshop and expedition is unlike anything that you have experienced, or likely ever will. It’s the trip of a lifetime! In addition to a priceless adventure there will be an opportunity to hone your photographic skills in the company of experts and to do so in one of the world’s greatest locations.

During your 8 days on the river there will be no computers, no cell phones and no email. The conditions will sometimes be rugged. You will be challenged. We will live on river time.

The images you’ll come back with will be yours forever. You’ll long remember the adventure and the company on our trip. You’ll love shooting the rapids. Drifting in the slow current with cliffs and canyons thousands of feet overhead. Hiking in hidden canyons and swimming and exploring huge waterfalls. A once in a lifetime not-to-be-missed opportunity that you can’t find anywhere else!

If this is you, Please come join us!

To register or to find out more, please e-mail Steve Kossack atf8andbethere@cableone.netor telephoneSteveat1-928-634-8071.

Receive the new waterproof Lowepro Dry Zone 100 backpack as a gift!!


Steve Kossack is an experienced photographic guide to the American Southwest. His tours and workshops, operated under the nameF-8 And Be There, allow visitors to this region to discover and explore some of the best photographic locations in the region in the company of a knowledgeable and experienced guide and instructor.

You can view some of Steve’s photographyhereand read more about his tours and workshopshere.

Steve has been co-instructor on severalLuminous Landscapeworkshops and has been highly regarded by participants. Several have subsequently hired him for private tours of the region.

This workshop is not operated by the Luminous Landscape nor associated with it in any way. But I can recommend Steve to you as a fine instructor and guide.



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