Skin & Flash

My main photographic interest is landscape, nature and wildlife. But, like everyone else I take snapshots of family and friends, so how the D30 would reproduce skin tones and how the built-in flash would perform were of interest.

Gail & Murphy, October 2000, Muskoka, Ontario

Photographed with Canon D30 at ISO 400. 1/60th sec @ f/4 with a Canon 28~70mm f/2.8L @ 70mm using the built-in flash. RAW Mode.

Like all photographs taken with cameras using built-in flash the lighting produced is harsh and unflattering. But the fact that the D30’s flash uses their excellent E-TTL capability means that exposures are very nicely balanced with ambient light.

This photograph was taken in a living room lit only by a northern window wall.

The skins tones are pleasant and easy to balance. More tests to come, including some with the 550EX external flash.