Understanding Focus

I often get asked for help on various matters photographic, and noticed a common denominator caused by confusion sewn when people try to teach less

Landscape & Environment

Push yourself to “Shoot the light”

On our recent 3,200 kms (One direction) sojourn to South Luangwa, Zambia, we purposely planned an overnight stop-over in Kasane (North-east Botswana)Not only was it

Landscape & Environment

The life of a South African Wildlife Photographer – Tim Driman

The mere thought of what this new mirrorless body had the potential to achieve for an action / wildlife photographer, became like a drug to

Journey Into The African Wild With Anton Lyalin

Publishers Intro…  I met Anton Lyalin, a Russian photographer, a number of years ago while running a Phase One PODAS workshop.  It was an immediate

Big Game

By Bill Caulfeild-Browne April 2003 After reading Scott Robinson’s excellent article Digital in the Desert, I thought I’d add to it with some of my observations

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