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The Year in Review, the Year Ahead Part IV – computers, software and services

On the computer side, Apple’s new chips could be incredibly significant, by far the big computer story of the year for photographers – if they

Camera & Technology

Breaking (up) News – Apple moving away from Intel and the impact on photographers

In what may, at first, seem like an unimportant piece of computer geekery, Apple announced on June 22, 2020 that they would transition the Mac

Camera & Technology

A Profusion of Options – Computing for Serious Photography.

         At the beginning of 2019, there was very serious concern about Apple’s continued commitment to photographers’ needs, and Intel was doing their best to frighten

Camera & Technology

An iMac Pro in a backpack! Two weeks with the 16” MacBook Pro

Introduction: The long-term review MacBook Pro has been here for two weeks now, and I have enough experience with it, both in heavy photographic workloads

Camera & Technology

Macs for Photography?

For the more involved photographer (like most of the readership of The Luminous Landscape), the big technology companies are not really keeping pace with what

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