Mobius Arch Silhouette

Turning Photographs Into Art Part 3: Underexposure and Low-Key Images

Black is the queen of all colors. Henri Matisse 1 - Dusk in the Chinle Buttes There is no road there. The only sign of

Sky 7

Sky: Looking Into The Landscape’s Soul

“If eyes are windows to the soul in a portrait, sky is the window to the soul in a landscape” Portrait photography captures life and

What’s A Stop – A Quick Look

What's a Stop? We're photographers so we all understand the concept of a stop. In terms of exposure, it simply refers to doubling or halving

Simplified Camera Raw 10.1 in PS Elements

Photoshop Elements – A Quick Breakdown

Watching the Charles Cramer series of videos here on Luminous Landscape was both tremendously educational and inspiring. It made me want to have another look

Step 4: I optimized color and contrast

Turning Photographs into Art Part 1: Letting Go

Art is difference, innovation and aesthetics. Alain Briot 1 - Introduction This is the first essay in a new series focused on turning photographs into

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