The end of an era

Kodachrome 25 Film.  Leica MP, Noctilux lens at F/1.0

The last roll of Kodachrome film is scheduled to be processed today by Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas.  Dwayne’s Photo was the last remaining lab that could develop the film. The roll was shot by the owner, Dwayne Steinle.

Although Kodak discontinued the film in 2009, a number of people purchased many rolls, which they shot and were able to get processed.

So, the end of the decade also signifies the end of an era.  No more Kodachrome.

Kodachrome was immortalized in the famous song by Paul Simon, but more importantly in some of the best and most iconic color photographs of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

While many will miss the unique color palette and the image characteristics of this film, the world has moved on to digital.  Luckily, the archival characteristics of this film appear to have been the best of any transparency film, so hopefully the originals will last for a very long time.

And, on that note, on behalf of all of us atLuminous Landscape, I wish everyone a healthy, happy 2011, filled with great images and much enjoyment in the process of making these images.

31 December, 2010