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January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

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I am a retired Director of Photography from the motion picture business in Los Angeles and would like to add that your journal is the best made thing of it’s kind that I have ever seen. The personal feel that Mr. Reichman adds with his presence as well as the no nonsense pure technical information filtered through his vast experience in his field is extraordinary. It is a show that is palatable to both the beginner and the advanced. I assure you, should you want to, it would be an easy show to sell in the television business. Thank you all concerned for your efforts.

Your Video Journal is first class, and as a current subscriber I feel that you are addressing your comments personnaly to me as opposed to reading something written in an article for some magazine. Friends visiting when shown the journal were most impressed and I trust they have seen the light and subscribed.

I just received the 4 video journals yesterday, and they are wonderful. My wife and I stayed up till 2:30 a.m. watching them.

I have just finished viewing all four copies of the "Luminous Landscape Video Journal" and I have to say they are brilliant. What a great idea to produce a specialized video on DVD for those of us interested in Nature Photography. Perfect! And, you pull off the technical aspects also.

I like your relaxed interviewing style and your clear descriptions of what works and why.

Yesterday signed up for your video journal not so much because I am expecting something from your DVDs but more as an expression of thanks for the information that you have already posted on your Web site.  The information that I have found there has already been much more useful than most any book on photography that I have seen.  It is well written, balanced to my needs and available to all that need to know. For these things, I applaud your efforts.  You have made a difference in my view as a photographer.

I now have all four of The Luminous Landscape series…. they do keep getting better and more interesting, and certainly for the sort of stuff I am interested in learning about. I particularly like the addition of Photoshop information and the continuing equipment reviews and demonstrations of technique. What comes through all of this is something that should not be rare, but is : clarity.

The Journal is brilliant, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every issue – thank you so much for providing so much pleasure and useful information.

Thanks and congratulations to the Journal and the Landscape for wonderful and inspiring work.

Just wanted to say how much the wife and I are enjoying the DVD’s. We keep popping them into the player over & over again.

I just subscribed to the VJ and have just managed to finish watching all of back issues etc… FANTASTIC STUFF!!

I really found Issue #4 to even better than the others in terms of presentation. The presentation itself has become really smooth and natural.

As far as topics go of course some interest me more than others. Yet I have found all of them to hold something useful for me.

This is a great learning tool. There’s something about the video medium that can’t be matched in print or on the web.

I want to tell you that I definitely think #4 is your best yet! I haven’t gone through the whole thing yet but I REALLY liked the piece on street photography. It was very well done and very helpful to me personally. I love street photography but sometimes have difficulty because I am "shy" about intruding on others privacy. Your discussion about these issues and how to overcome them was very helpful. I am planning on taking my Leica and 4 rolls of film out with me next week and doing what you guys suggested to get over my shyness. I also thought the PhotoShop tutorial was very well done, though I already knew the concepts.

I value your website so much that I would support your video journal no matter what.  I had praise for the previous volume, but the last issue reminds me of a line from the movie "Amadeus":  too many notes, Mozart, too many notes.

The latest DVD’s content (#4) is overwhelmingly great and very well shot and scored. The cost of each issue to me is the cost of a single developed roll of film and will improve my photography much more than shooting a single roll. The cost should not be compared to the cost of any magazine subscription, but to film itself. 

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You have done it again! the most recent release is truly wonderful.

I can’t thank you enough for the video journal. I signed up for it right from the beginning and I personally love it. I’ve learned so much from you.


I’ve been enjoying the three DVDs I’ve received so far, and look forward to more in this fine series. You can read all you like in these web pages, and study the forums, but it doesn’t compare with actually seeing someone showing how they work.

I just got and watched my first three DVDs. What a superb job you have done. I would nominate them for a PBS series in a heartbeat.

I have just received and watched your Video Journal – all 3 episodes. They were far better than I expected (and I expected quite a lot); I’d recommend them very highly. Even my non-photographer wife watched them – a real tribute!

The 3rdissue is the best, Icould watch it again and again. Even my wife (who sees my photography onlyas my way to get rid of daily job stress and has no interest in photography)watched your Video Journal #3 the better part of that evening when itarrived here.

I am just writing to say how pleased I am with issue 3 DVD. I like the way your are moving towards wildlife in the landscape and your photos of the snow geese and other birds were terrific.

I enjoyed your run down of the EOS1 digital SLR and your pictures of what appears to be the best zoo for photography I have seen; those tigers are something else.

Your photos and web pages continue to inspire. Thank you.

Today has been spent on the third issue of the Video Journal – excellent.  I thought the first issue was very tremendous; the second good; but the third is so far the best – well done, and you have certainly given yourself a hard task to better this with Issue 4.

A big thank you for the DVD Mag. This is very inspirational to me here in the UK, I have just reviewed issue 3 and cannot wait to go to that place "Bosque Del Apache" if just once in my life.

Volume 3 of the Video Journal was far and away the best effort so far. I look forward to many more.

I just received issue 3 of the Video Journal and I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your innovative idea. I swallowed issue 3 in one go and I have to tell you that the journal gets better from issue to issue.

You and Chris have outdone yourselves this time. That first segment of the new DVD was breathtaking from beginning to end. The photography and the cinematography is breathtaking!

I really enjoyed the segment on the marshes that you did with your friend who does the 4X5 photography. I particularly loved how the two of you took very flat features and turned them into beautiful images comprised of color, shape and pattern. I was particularly moved by the sun rise pictures.

Thanks again for the wonderful contribution you are making to this world with your knowledge, skill and art. It truly enriches life!

I’m sureyou’ve heard this many times already, but your latest issue was superb!  I certainly hope you are able to ultimately broadcast these programs on a quality cable network!

I have been enjoying a very lazy few hours browsing the contents of the first three volumes of your excellent video journal which arrived with this morning’s mail.

These DVDs are superb and have exceeded my expectations, filling me with inspiration to continue shooting outside once something approaching reasonable light returns… I can’t wait for the next volume of the video journal.

Enjoyed Issue #3… Well done. I particularly enjoyed the Dunes and Marshes segment and the discussions during. I also greatly enjoyed seeing the work of Alain and Cheryl during their interviews, it adds a great touch to the segments….  Great image quality, great sound, and very well done. Good job Chris. Great job again! I’m already looking forward to the next issue =)

I received the three DVD’s yesterday…only one comment…"superb", thank you. Can you film faster?

Plain and simple….It just gets better! I wish my stocks were as good your video journal!

I watched the entirety of LLVD #3 by now. I leaned a lot from your 1D review, although I read what you published on the web already. It’s quite different to actually see the camera and compare it visually to the other Canon bodies.

The shoot in the sand hills is also great. It was fun to watch. Chris got some excellent shots there. And, the music is always pleasurable to listen to. Great job!

I’ve just received the Video Journal (#3) and I must congratulate you on the best issue yet! The Bosque del Apache was very enjoyable, but your inclusion of the "Dunes & Marshes" segment was just capital. Clearly, the "exotic" locations that you are able to go to as part of your professional efforts are quite interesting for me. But as a serious amateur, the "Dunes & Marshes" type of segment are very appealing because it is more akin to what my usual photographic experiences are like. So I would encourage you to continue to include that kind of material in future issues.

I absolutely LOVE the Video Journal. I am so happy I subscribed and am learning so much from you. With my work background and experience with  digital video, I am very impressed with the production value and quality of the Journal — and I’m sure it will only get better.

I received the Video Journal #3 today and loved it. I think this is a great issue!

Beautiful and informative Web site, well worth the contribution and I get the Vid’s too!

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I have just received the first two "issues" of the Video Journal. They are absolute GREAT, as great is your site.

I received my first 2 LL video journal dvd about 10 days ago and have watched both of them at least twice.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the content.  The production values are also first rate. Thanks for offering an outstanding product. 

Just wanted to say the last time I drooled was when I was young lad yea high to a coffee table. After seeing your latest Quicktime clips for the upcoming Issue #3…..well, I’m drooling again! Incredible stuff and the best $100 bucks I ever spent. Magnifique!

I just received my first DVD (your second) and am very impressed.  Can’t wait to get the first volume and all the future editions.  The tilt/shift explanation was extremely well done.

I wanted thank you for a great [Canon EOS-1D] review. Also, I wanted to add my compliments on the fine job you do with the video journal. I didn’t know what to expect, so I thought about it for quite a while before I subscribed.  Now that I have, I feel this has been a very good decision and look forward to each edition.

Your video magazine and book are leading edge.  I’ve received two of the video journals and have enjoyed them both.  This is breakthrough stuff.  Great job!   I am also quite impressed with your compilation of work.  The book is well done.  You are doing some great stuff that a lot of us are benefiting from. 

Michael, wow is all I can muster after watching vol. II of the Video Journal. I wasn’t sure if it would be better than the first, perhaps just different, but on the same level. Color me wrong. Vol. II has raised the bar with the stunning images from the travel segments, in particular the segments on Mono Lake and Bristlecone Forest. I watched the rafting segment over and over, it’s that exciting! I thought I may just be easily impressed, but I invited some fellow photogs over to watch the VJ and they were equally impressed. And, I liked the longer run time too. I’ve watched it several times over and still I go back for more.

I am very pleased to report that it (the Video Journal) has arrived safely and may I say it is exemplary. It truly was worth the wait. In fact I have watched it every day since it arrived (sad I know). The extra long format came as a very welcomed bonus as I felt that issue 1 was a little short. It will be difficult for future issues to live up to the new standard set by issue 2 but I am sure that all subscribers will be delighted if this is possible. I particularly liked the extra footage of Michael and Steve setting up their shots on location, it almost makes you feel like you’re tagging along and observing these experts at work.

I just wanted to thank you for the second issue of the Video Journal. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it better than the 1st issue; which was no slouch, either! You are doing a great job with this concept. Keep up the good work!

Although I spend nearly 100 days a year at the Grand Canyon and have photographed it from every possible angle you had my complete attention during the several segments you devote to this amazing location. I think that if you captured my attention in that way you will have the rest of your audience spellbound!

Great, great job. It is amazing me how it make a difference to follow you "live" instead of reading and article. Image quality is very nice, the content is well delivered and what is surprising me is the sound quality, always clear and easy to follow your comments.

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I finally got around to ordering the Video Journal, andwanted to express my compliments to you and Chris. The content isinteresting and useful, but equally important is the productionstandard that you achieved. I can appreciate the quality of youreducational design and production work, based upon more than 25years’ experience as a developer of educational materials. Well done!Looking forward to new editions.

I received the disk yesterday and spent nearly all night in front of my PC watching your Video Journal. This is really an excellent (and very personal) way to deliver information to your readers and I’m looking forward to receive the next issue.

I just received the first DVD from your Luminous Landscapes series! Wow it is a really terrific product. I have watched it several times and I am looking forward to possibly taking some of your workshops in the future.

I’ve just had a chance to look at my first copy of the video journal — and I am delighted with it. I’ve watched each segment twice and will undoubtedly review it several more times…. Watching you work can answer a lot of questions — even ones I haven’t thought to ask yet. 

I was surprised to see how information rich this DVD medium is. And how convenient it is to be able to view short segments from the DVD menu… Anyway, congratulations to you and Christopher Sanderson — the DVD is excellent!

Watched the DVD… very professionally done. Chris’ camerawork is excellent, and even the sound quality is great (usually terrible on one-man crew stuff IME). This stuff is so easy to do badly it is nice to see it done well. I think once this gets around you are going to have a winner.

What a beautiful piece of work it is! Congratulations. I’m eagerly awaiting the new releases.

I had expected the info to be good and useful, and was not disappointed. But I was surprised by the professional quality of the production. Very well done indeed!

As a first issue, it really is excellent, and the work and planning that has gone into it really stands out. I think "D30 at the Zoo" is my favourite, but all clips deserve repeated viewing. I look forward to the next one!

I did expect the contents to be informative and interesting and was not disappointed. But I was really impressed with the professional presentation and make of this DVD. Congratulations!

Congratulations on a great product! I’ve only had time to watch part of it, but from what I’ve seen, it has certainly surpassed my expectations. I look forward to the next issue.

The Video Journal ROCKS!

The DVD itself is wonderful.  My only problem with the Journal is that it won’t be issued nearly as frequently as I could consume its content.  

I would like to pass on my sincerest congratulations on the production of the Luminous Landscape video journal. I am very impressed to say the least and I am eagerly looking forward to the next issue.

I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying volume 1/1 of your DVD journal… I wasn’t sure what to expect from your DVD. What I’ve seen so far has confirmed for me that this was $100 well spent. I look forward to the next installment… Thank you for producing such a thoughtful product.

Just watched your entire video!  The image quality and sound was Excellent. Chris did an excellent job with editing, very professional.   Your journalism was excellent, even the photos showed up great on video which was very shocking to me…. Congrats on a product well done!

What more can be said about the Video Journal! It’s "magnifique"! Just got my copy yesterday! We are in a digital age and this makes it even better. Photography is indeed at an "inflection point"! Thanks, Michael! Looking forward to the next edition.

My hat’s off for an excellent job on the LLVJ! My problem now is that I can hardly wait for the next issue. Keep up the fabulous work!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your DVD last night!…Bravo! Good stuff– and very professionally done.

"Highly recommended!"An online review by Uwe Steinmeuller ofDigital Outback Photo

I have just finished viewing your first Video Journal and I have one comment-"Outstanding".The quality of images and sound rivals any movie I have in my collection and surpasses many. Great job.You  have covered many interesting subjects and all I could do was shake my head on the beauty of the locals you have chosen. My favorite was your discussion on shooting at a zoo. Very informative as well as your review of the D30. Somewhere down the road I must have this camera and I will start saving my pennies now.Once again-outstanding job and I am looking forward to the next one.

Received the DVD today. It is very, very nice. I work in communications and video production and know this wasn’t an easy chore. Photography and content first rate. Kudos!!

I’ve just received the first issue of your Video Journal today and would like to congratulate you on a fine piece of work! I particularly enjoyed your “in the field sections” of the video.

Kudos and congratulations on the Video Journal.  In my business I have always tried to give my customers a little more than they paid for.  You have carried that to a new level.  My only problem is that this is photographer’s heroin, and I will suffer severe withdrawal symptoms until the next issue arrives.

I just finished viewing the Video Journal.  It is very informative, and a great way to learn, because of the video presentations.  

I received my copy of the Video Journal yesterday here in Denmark. My first impression is: Just Excellent. The DVD format is very good for this kind of "Magazine" I think that it makes the articles very easy to understand and also highlights the finer points in the story, because I am able to see "live" what you are trying to tell me. Thank you very much for a very SERIOUS product, and keep up the GOOD work.

It arrived today! Thanks a lot, and many congratulations for a great idea and a superb realization. 

It arrived here in Norway today. Congratulations on a great idea and production. I’m already looking forward to the next issue! Your website has always been a major source of information and inspiration, and I read and reread your articles often. Keep up the great work.

Many thanks for the copy of your 1st DVD – brilliant, can’t wait for the next edition.

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Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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