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September 12, 2010 ·

Michael Reichmann

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As a new Luminous Landscape viewer, I am so totally pleased with my decision to subscribe! As I shoot on a budget, expenses on “accessories” are kept to a bare minimum, but I now believe that this publication needs to be in any serious photographer’s video library. I am pleased also that though the main thrust of the publication is landscape photography (which I enjoy, but it isn’t what I mainly do), there are segments on other types of photography such as wildlife and street photography. Not being able to do a photography course because of where I live (Africa), for me the Video Journal becomes a way of learning the necessary tips and tricks that will get the photograph; a smidgin of theory and a lot of useful practicality. I now view the LLVJ as my photography coursework and look forward to your next issue.

Just finished watching issue 8 of your video journal. Spectacular, beautiful, well done, and lots of info on those small gadgets that make taking photos in the field much easier. You’re correct, issue 8 is the best video yet. A really great job. Can you tell I really enjoyed watching the programs?

Once again, a FABULOUS issue! I would pay 2X-4X what I pay now to have these monthly, but of course you probably would have very little time to photograph :-). I hope someday to get the chance to take one of your workshops and/or run into you in the backcountry or desert.

Your articles, week by week, are also superb. I have learned so much and am extremely grateful to have such well written, informative, useful and timely articles by you and others on your site (Alain’s compositional series is OUTSTANDING!)

More praise for Issue 8. The 14 day wait for delivery to Los Angeles just about *killed* me as I enviously read the earlier comments in this thread. The Iceland segment alone is worth the price of the subscription. The videography and music are first-rate. My only wish is that we could have seen more of your photography from that trip.

BTW, the VJ has some appeal outside of photographers, particularly the travel/workshop segments. My parents, who regularly fall asleep in the middle of home video rentals of US$100 million dollar Hollywood blockbusters, were awed by the quality of the Iceland segment. They also thoroughly enjoyed the prior Bosque Del Apache segment, Mono Lake and the Bristle Pines among others.

Congratulations again on the continuing growth of the VJ.

I just had to express my happiness with my Video Journal subscription, and #8 exceeded my expectations once again. I watched this issue on my large flat screen TV with surround sound, and the beautiful videography of Iceland, combined with great music and audio, made me feel somewhat like an active participant in the adventure. I’ve been a subscriber since #1 and have NOT been disappointed. Each issue has been relevant and timely. Some single issues have been worth the entire year’s subscription by themselves! For example, the issue on calibrating and setting up your inkjet printer saved me COUNTLESS hours of frustration and swear words 😉 and helped me to understand my Epson 2200. For those of you who are wondering if it is worth it to subscribe, let me just just say, “I’m happy I did.”

The recent Video Journal 8 was fabulous! Really fun to put a human being to a name (Norman Koren) and the Iceland segment was truly awe-inspiring. (You’re going to make me give up my day job yet…) And the bit about the HAMA “double bubble” level just saved me a lot of Photoshop time.

I want to thank you Michael for the fabulous issue 8, and especially the segment on your Icelandic trip. I had a very strange experience looking at that, because I live in Iceland, and have been I think to every place that you showed in the video. However, this was like seeing all those places for the first time, the point of view and the angles you used were unique and fantastic to see. It never ceases to amaze me how people from other countries tend to see things completely differently. The photos were great, and I learned a lot from all this. Thanks again.

I also must tell you that the the segment from Iceland is the very best video segment devoted to photography that I have ever seen. I am not kidding. The production values put National Geographic Explorer to shame. The beauty of the scenery is awe inspiring and the instructional aspects having to do with composition, light, etc. are just right. All I can say is WOW and thanks again.


I want you to know that I think that the last two issues of your video journal were really top notch. I think that you have arrived at a nearly perfect combination of articles to keep me interested and suit my needs. The production values keep improving as well. I really think you are now producing a really great and useful product. Thanks a lot, I very much appreciate what you have done.

I really enjoy the video journal. It’s the single best photography investment I’ve made.

I have just this minute finished watching the latest issue, having returned home from work and picked it up from the delivered mail. It has to be the best and most comprehensive yet, very well done Michael and Chris. The segment on Iceland succeeds briliantly not only on a photographic level but as an inspiring travelogue as well. I must go there soon. Living here in the UK, I always have to wait that bit longer to receive my issue. Then I gorge on it all at once. I wished I had saved a bit till later. Hurry up with the next one!

Though being an subscriber (of all) the Video Journal Issues, it is the first time that I am sending you some feedback.

The first thing that comes to my mind to express the value of your work (whether it is, the website, the LLVJ, and most of all the pictures) is the following : AWESOME !!

I assume that like the rest of your ‘members’ I can only thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I am learning a lot, lot of useful info on various topics (material, post-processing, quality of work, etc). And every time that I (re)watch on of your LLFV issues I feel both happy and frustrated :
– happy : because of the quality of the knowledge you share with us
– frustrated : because I only wish I could at least, have more time to dedicate to photography.

Another thing that I must agree with another member of the LLVJ : I only wish this was a MONTHLY issue !!.

Keep sharing your knowledge.

I think #8 is the most comprehensive DVD yet. While all volumes are wonderful, this one alone is worth the yearly subscription. The Iceland segment is simply unbelievable. The beauty of the location is breathtaking. I am eagerly awaiting the details of the 2004 summer excursion to see if I can finagle a way to attend. It just keeps getting better! I am just getting my feet wet in landscape photography and the DVD journal is “holding my hand” through the learning curve. The ballhead/tripod/adapter plate segment was perfect for me at this time. I also appreciate no angle features. My most convenient to watch DVD player does not have standardized angle playback and thus prohibits my viewing of many of the feature presentations on the journal on this player. I was able to watch the entire issue 8 from the comforts of my bedroom. Thanks.

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I am a LL Video Journal subscriber, and wish to say I continue to run and re-run these magnificent DVD’s. The information they contain is exceptional, and the quality of picture and sound is outstanding !

I am absolutely blown away by the production quality! I am not sure what I expected, but the reality far exceeded my expectations. I have found the individual segments generally very helpful, particularly the product reviews and instructional pieces, and I have viewed several of them multiple times.

Thanks for creating this fantastic drawing. Although my budget is tight, I hope to find a way to afford a subscription this year….it’s right behind a Colorvision Calibration puck on my wish list (and just in front of the D100 you are offering as prize!).

Your site is very entertaining and educational. Thanks for sharing your views, opinions, and most of all, your wit. Having your site online is like having access to a cool photo friend anytime you need him.

I am a recent and current subscriber to the video journal. I purchased all the back issues along with my subscription. Each and every issue is wonderful and I eagerly look forward to each new issue. My only wish is that it could become a monthly subscription and I for one would gladly pay whatever that cost would be.

I am a subscriber since the first issue and I can tell you that both the video journal and the website are by far the best source of information on landscape photography related issues anywhere.

I bought an Epson 2100 and Photoshop 7 and within a weekend I was able to produce A3 size prints in a quality that comes more than close to the prolab Ilfochromes on my wall. And that without using any manual other than the instructions on your website.

I just received my first DVD and want to say it was a real pleasure to watch. I learn a tremendous amount from your site and the video just makes the learning MORE enjoyable.

I’ve watched journal 7 twice. The colour management films have already solved my colour management problem within Photoshop 7 using my Epson 2100 and given me some ideas for colour management within Macromedia Freehand 10 which has had similar problems. Again many thanks for a wonderful video journal.

Thanks for all the DVDs they are GREAT, you have a subscriber for life.

As far as I’m concerned you have the best & most up-to-date photo info anywhere; either on the net or in mags. That’s why I subscribed. Keep up the good work!!!

I have just started subscribing to the Luminous Landscape video journal – it is fantastic! I have watched many of them more than 2 times, and have purchased many of the previous editions.

Last evening I watched some parts of the issue #7 video and I liked very much what I saw. I’m know more than ever sure I made the right decision to subscribe to the Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

About six weeks ago I subscribe to the “Video Journal” and purchased all of the previous issues. I can’t begin to tell you how much my wife and I (both avid photographers) have enjoyed watching the Journal. Issue # 7 arrived yesterday and it didn’t disappoint. We found the article on the Epson 2200 setup particularly enlightening. And as always we love the location shoots. We can’t wait for the next issue.

Your video journals keep getting better and better. The quality of production just shines through.

Just received you DVD Journal (my first one) have watched it all last night. It is the most professional photography video I have seen, I know my subscription is well spent and look forward to the next one.

I have learned a great deal from each issue. What you are doing is totally unique, and a real contribution to both the art and science of photography. Thanks for the entertaining and informative hours.

I am a recent subscriber to the Luminous Landscape Journal. First off, my congratulations on a wonderful way to communicate through a video medium. Your segments are very well done and your information is very thorough ……..I am very pleased with my purchase!

I just wanted to tell you just how much subscribing to the VJ has helped me with my photography.

First I am an amateur shooting with Olympus 35 film as well as the E10 with an interest in landscape as well as macro shooting. I have a day job to pay for this hobby.

The Luminous- Landscape website really taught me a lot but I have learned more I believe from the VJ. When you watch Michael shooting workshops or out on location shooting with people such as Alain Briot or Steve Kossack for example, and listen in to their discussions, or discussing Photoshop and cameras, prints etc with Thomas Knoll the inventor of photoshop, what they say and what you see them do sticks with you. I now feel that my photography doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit.

Michael’s explaining and demonstrating the use of the Lee Filter system and then his tutorial on accomplishing the same things pretty much by bracketing shots and then correcting in photoshop was INVALUABLE to me and I believe to many others.This is just one example.

Another was the segment on the Bosque del apache shoots and I must say I was astonished to see Alain Briot shooting with what appeared to be a view camera while everyone else was shooting with 35 mm and giant lenses. Incredible!

I have already got my closest friend to subscribe and hopefully someone reading this will as well. Btw, I don’t know anybody at this site and just felt like saying how I feel about this unique magazine the Video Journal.

In closing, I believe if you watch these video’s in addition to learning quite a bit, you’ll also feel like you’re watching friends.

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By profession I’m a director in the television world but the other passion of my life is photography. I travel a good deal in my directing assignments. Now I have your DVDs along with me. How wonderful. Your location shooting, your still images, and the interesting manner in which you present yourself and your subject is captivating. Years ago I spent a couple of decades in the television news and sports business as a reporter so I’m sensitive to how effective personalities present themselves. You’re terrific.

I recently ordered and received your Video Journal. It is money well spent!! I love the format and the information contained. Thank you for bringing this product to market and I look forward to receiving them for years to come.

Many thanks for all your work, and for the superb DVDs: not only for your input to the DVDs and the photographs shown, but also the excellent quality of the filming and sound on the DVDs, which makes them a joy to watch in their own right.

Issue #6 is wonderful. The inspiration I get from these DVDs is enough to make me want to quit my day job and do art for the rest of my life!

I just wanted to let you know that after receiving and viewing the first couple of DVDs in your series (I am a new subscriber) I am suitably impressed! I was expecting a rather rough production, since the cost-effectiveness of special interest video is rather low. You have produced an amazing level of quality with a terrific blend of content. I’m definitely a happy camper.

You should know that I’ve worked in television production for over 25 years and currently run a production company in the Washington DC area. Many thanks for your efforts on the videos and the website.

I just received issue LLVJ #6, and thanks again for a great job. It was particularly fun to “tag along” with your workshop!

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I subscribed simply because I think you put out more useful information about photography than I’ve seen anywhere else and I’ve been an avid reader of most things photographic for almost 35 years. I’m not a big joiner or supporter of causes but I think you do wonderful work.

I just got done viewing VJ#5. Fantastic!!!! Please keep those Photoshop How-To features coming. Keep up the good work and thanks for being a continuing source of inspiration for us pro-photo wannabees.

Thanks for all of the work you put into the website. Your articles are a great resource for my continuing education in photography. I’m happy to support such a quality website with a Video Journal subscription. I liken it to supporting PBS (educational info…no ads). And, as a bonus, I get even more of an education from the DVD presentation. I appreciate that you also add information about non-photographic equipment you have found which has helped you work more efficiently.

It’s been great fun to watch your photo shoots and see how you and other photographers work in the field. I appreciated how you portrayed the reality of the situation in LLV #5 where the weather had not quite work out for you, but you extracted some workable photographs from the trip anyway. It’s like your website: honest, real-life, useable photography information.

Issue #5 arrived today. Thanks again for a fabulous achievement in visual communication!

Congratulations on Issue #5 — yet another stunning Video Journal. I eagerly look forward to them every three months and am continually impressed with their quality and usefulness.

One things I love on your DVDs – the movie of the locations and then the pictures that came out of it. To see what the subject was in the movie, and then to see what you saw in it and got out of it, is one of the most fascinating and gripping aspects of your DVD.

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Volume 4 –LLVJs 13-16— Volume 5 –LLVJ-17


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