The Polar Bears of Churchill

August 27, 2012 ·

Michael Reichmann

WoodLife Photography and Tourshas two photo tours entitled “The Polar Bears of Churchill” running this fall. They concentrate mostly on polar bears, but that is not all. TOUR #1 is October 31-November 9, 2002, while TOUR #2 is November 10-20, 2002.

Besides being out on the tundra for four days in the famous tundra buggies, they also spend four days on TOUR #1 and five days on TOUR #2 in Crew Cab 4X4 vehicles. They take advantage of the other photography opportunities around Churchill (from Cape Merry, to little known areas of the coast of Hudson Bay, all the way out to Twin Lakes).

Each person has their own window on both sides of the buggies and the maximum photographers in the 4X4’s is three including the driver. For the first time in five years of running these tours, they have had difficulty filling the tours as full as they would like them. However, unlike most tour operators who are also experiencing the same difficulty in filling their tours,WoodLife Photography and Toursare accepting the fact that they will be loosing money this year, and have reduced their prices for their tours over 50% ! TOUR #1 will only cost $1,499, and TOUR #2 only $1,599. Their lose, is your gain !! Contact Scott Woodcox at801-281-4458for further details and to sign up, or e-mail him

Please note that this tour is not associated in any way withThe Luminous Landscape.
This announcement appears here for informational purposes only.


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