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September 12, 2010 ·

Michael Reichmann

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I have just finished downloading and viewing the last installment of LLVJ 17-HD. The first words that come to me after viewing it, are these, THANK YOU. You have delivered something very special.

The production values are astounding, and the editing has a finesse and delicacy rarely seen in such productions. Each segment could easily stand on its own…

The elephants were more beautifully and informatively shot than any documentary I have seen.

The interview with Jay Maisel is one for the ages. The insight you gave into his eye and his habitat is a treasure to me.

One word to describe what I saw: ASTONISHMENT!!!
I can’t believe such a place exists in this earth. The idea of an everlasting beautiful light sunset/sunrise is just overwhelming. I would really have liked to accompany you next year.
Only one bad thing: It was too short. You should have made a LLVJ for Antartica alone. I was left thirsty for more.


Re: Jay Maisel Interview:I adore this interview, this is real teaching.

Just a bit of congratulations on the HD version. Well done! The videography is a pleasure to watch even on its own. The elephant romp was particularly entertaining and so are the from the ship scenes.

Such a wonderfully done production that brings back so many fond memories [of Antarctica]. Trip of a lifetime. Thank you.

The Antartica section is absolutely fantastic. I almost got seasick…

I have just seen the last LL VJ 17, the interview with Jay and I would like to thank you for the great gift you have given me: when I was teen-ager (20 years ago…) one of my favourite photographers was Jay Maisel; I bought a book about him, I read about the famous safe with over one milion slides. For 20 years I dream about it, trying to imagine how it could be… And now I’ve seen the safe, with Jay in person – that explains to me everything!

I don’t often hand out endorsements, however, when I see something unique, entertaining, educational and very reasonably priced I must say something.
Your interviews with Jay Maisel and Jeff Schewe really helped me understand the business … and Antarctica …. Well, it is on my list…. Worth every penny and more, especially the HD version!

That has to be one of your best ever interviews (and there have been a TON of great ones – Bill Atkinson, Brooks Jensen, Stephen Johnson, etc etc). It was absolutely fascinating to hear Jay’s take on photography… Well done! I will watch this many times. Superb!

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