2200 Profile Mystery

January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

When I reviewed theEpson 2200I was irked, and took Epson to task for not installing paper and ink profiles on theirPC Windowsinstalls. They were there for theMacIntosh, but not Windows.

Then several readers started writing that they indeed had the profiles installed under Windows, while others (like me) didn’t. What was going on?

The mystery has now been solved by observantLuminous Landscapereader,Robert R. Victoreen.

He writes…

"The article on the Epson 2200 indicates the lack of profiles for the PC. Not true.

Actually, the various Epson paper profiles are contained within the Epson PIM software and only installed on a Windows PC if the PIM software option is installed. I haven’t the foggiest idea why: seems any PhotoShop user would want to use these profiles unless they had their own profile making capability, and that few have use for PIM. I did not initially install PIM and only discovered these profiles by accident

After installing PIM, these generic profiles show up in the Photoshop dropdowns and can be used in the normal fashion in Photoshop. I have had the printer only a very short time, but my limited observation leads me to believe these are the most accurate profiles I have yet to encounter: very accurate. I have used the low end scanner based solutions and purchased profiles from commercial suppliers- can’t yet afford the high end direct measurement equipment. Epson’s manual indicates use of their profiles with PIM, but for some reason fails to discuss using them as one would their own custom profile. A mystery to me as these profiles, used in the normal way, seem to produce excellent results on the proper Epson paper."

So there you have it. Like most advanced users I had no need for the PIM software, didn’t install it and found no profiles.

Thanks Robert!

Australian Update:

Just to make matters more complicated I’ve learned thatEpson 2100purchasers in Australia get neither the PIM software nor the profiles on their installation CD. Why Epson Australia made this daft decision is beyond fathoming.

In any event, the profiles are on their web site and can befound here.

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