Stepping Away from Reality

A cut is brutal, even if committed by the blade of a surgeon. So for Irving Penn the camera is an instrument that creates art


Simplified Camera Raw 10.1 in PS Elements

Photoshop Elements – A Quick Breakdown

Watching the Charles Cramer series of videos here on Luminous Landscape was both tremendously educational and inspiring. It made me want to have another look


Photography and movies have taught us to interpret focus and blur as depth: the eye refocuses and moves too fast to notice it

Photography and Stereo Vision (Rediscover)

Why Aren’t We Talking About It All The Time? For years I have been fascinated with how the human eye perceives depth, and particularly with


Landscapes Of The Mind (Rediscover)

  If it causes you to dream, then maybe it is…art. Conversation with Claude Morin, Paris, 1986 While pursuing a BA and MFA in art,


PHOTIMAGERY ~ No More Deception

What do we seek as individuals and photographers? Are we satisfied with the dim light of unawareness and ignorance or are we open to the

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