The Secret of Colour in Landscape Photography by Alister Benn

The two words landscape & photography have come to represent a vast spectrum of styles, nuances, characteristics and aesthetics. From a single exposure on a


The Enigma in the Picture

Ansel Adams once shared the thoughtful insight, “There are always two people in the picture: the photographer and the viewer.” The viewer has an important


I Wish I Knew How To Paint

by Frank Sauer Wild Roses Sony A65, Minolta 100mm @ f3.2 There are painters who paint in a painstakingly detailed, photorealistic way. While I admire


Practical Considerations For Time-Lapse Photography (Revisit)

                What are time-lapses? Since the documentary movies “Baraka” (Ron Fricke, 1992) and “Planet Earth“ (BBC, 2006) the magic of the time-lapses caught the attention of many photographers and


Fail Forward And Fail Hard

When we look back on our childhood educations, it’s remarkable how much time we’ve invested learning information that we’ve subsequently never applied. Some would argue

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