Focus Stacking – A Basic Guide


A number of years ago I did a lot of Macro Photography.  At that time I was using a Phase One DF+ camera with the 120mm Marco Phase One lens.  It was a great set up and using focus stacking in combination with this system yielded amazing images. Recently I received a Sony 90mm Macro lens.  As with all macro lenses, you can do some great close up images but doing so means … [Read more...]

Making People and Other Things Go Away

The final image

How many times have you been photographing a scene and no matter what you do or how long you wait, there is always someone in the scene.  The same thing can be said about city streets, highways and any number of different busy landscapes. Obviously, you can’t shut the streets down or get people out of the way by asking nicely. This is a technique ‘for clearing the area’. My … [Read more...]

Reichmann Andy Biggs Galapagos Workshop


GALAPAGOS ISLANDS ON A PRIVATE YACHT - MAY 2016 - May 15-24, 2016 Limited to 12 participants Leaders: Michael Reichmann and Andy Biggs **This will be Michael's only travel workshop for 2016*** About The Galapagos Trip Come join Michael Reichmann and Andy Biggs for an exciting photographic adventure to the Galapagos Islands. We have chartered a private 36-meter … [Read more...]

Canon 5Ds Review Through Print Performance


A comparison with two older Canon full frame DSLRs The new 51MP Canon 5Ds (and 5Ds R) shipped in June 2015, and I finally felt that it was time to update my long serving Canon 1Ds mark 3, which I've owned since 2007. Let me start by saying that the 5Ds is a superb camera. In all kinds of ways it shows off the advances between my 2007 Canon 1Ds3 and current design. The AF is … [Read more...]

Canon G3X Review


Canon Hits a Superzoom Home Run A few points of information first. This is my first review of a Canon product in years. Why is this the case, when I used to be a Canon user and a regular reviewer of Canon products? Two reasons; Canon's product offerings became boring several years ago, with little in the way of technical innovation and even less by way of truly interesting … [Read more...]