The New Phase One XF Camera System

XF-IQ3-80MP-80mmLS Side View

The NEW Phase One XF Camera IQ3 Digital Back and Lenses Today Phase One debuts their new medium format XF camera, 3 new IQ3 digital backs and 2 new lenses. This is a big day for Phase One as it finally closes the chapter on the DF+ camera body. The XF camera is done right! Finally there is an outstanding lens line up as well as an excellent digital back and the camera … [Read more...]

Eight Ways To Improve Your "Fine Art" Photography


Introduction I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based fine art landscape photographer. I have been photographing landscapes for the last twenty years. Since 2009, I have exhibited my fine art photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the venerable Center for Photographic Art, originally founded by Ansel Adams and at the Sunset Cultural Center in Carmel Valley, … [Read more...]

Panasonic HC-X1000 and Sony FDR AX-100


Is A Proper Camcorder The Better Solution? Background As a longtime journalist in the "imaging" world, it has always been important for me to keep in mind that my readership is highly varied. In the case of The Luminous Landscape we have about 1 million readers each month from more than 100 countries. Their (your) interests cover every aspect of image making imaginable, … [Read more...]

My Philosophy

Les Sentinelles Eternelles
One of my most recent images as of the writing of this essay. 
The creation of this image follows the approach outlined in this essay

My Philosophy 1 - Introduction This essay is the first in a series of essays focused on my work.  I thought it best to start the series with a description of my philosophy in regards to art and photography.  The following essays will focus on explaining specific aspects of my work, namely how I approach and use color, form, composition, light and so on.  Each of these essays … [Read more...]

Looking But Not Seeing

Travelling Standing Still

If you’re reading this, it is highly likely that your photographic journey of a thousand miles has already begun. We are all self-taught to some extent, sponging up information from books, tapping into the huge repository of knowledge on LuLa, checking out the work of other artists we admire and gaining experience through good old-fashioned trial and error. Some of us … [Read more...]