The KPS T5 Geared Ballhead – Review and Users Report

T5-DV with lever quick release on left; T5D with screw clamp on right. Both are Arca Swiss compatible. The T5DV also uses the KPS proprietary Slim Plate.

In Search of the Elusive White Unicorn Background For photographers, the endless search for the perfect camera bag is evasive.  Finding the right tripod head is not much better. And if you are looking for a geared tripod head with an eye towards using it outside of the studio, the choices are slim indeed. In 2009, Jack Flesher, wrote a review for the Luminous-Landscape … [Read more...]

Fifteen Remarks on Composition


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein Introduction Having a solid knowledge of composition is one of the most important aspects of creating strong photographs.  In the context of my series of essays on personal vision and style, composition is one of the most important ways of developing … [Read more...]

Lessons From the Hudson River School of Painting


There are many ways to improve as a landscape and nature photographer, and most involve learning both the art and craft of photography. The internet is overflowing with tips, techniques, how-to’s, and an ever growing list of experts who can show you how to capture an award winning image. Missing from this approach, however, is a sense of what is best for you as a photographer … [Read more...]

The Landscape Photography Workshop – Book Review

Cover Photography Workshop Book

The Landscape Photography Workshop Ross Hoddinott & Mark Bauer Ammonite Press ISBN 978-1-90770-897-8 $24.95 What novice photographer doesn’t want to take a workshop and learn it all? Who among the veteran photographers reading Luminous Landscape sometimes needs a quick refresher on a topic covered in some only half remembered class taken long … [Read more...]

Precise Digital Exposure

Exposure graphic

The Basis Is Per Ansel Adams ETTR gives a correct exposure for optimum color and tonal densities, and the reason was as explained by Michael Reichmann in the article Expose (to the) Right in 2003. Most of us apply ETTR per that method by applying averaged or matrix metering with exposure compensation. Our departure point is thus an averaged exposure, and we make an exposure … [Read more...]