Badlands National Park – A Quick Guide To Photography


Badlands National Park protects a fantastical landscape of ragged peaks and deeply eroded ridges. Because there are no real landmarks there, I find it easier to make my own discoveries. Almost all visits to his uncrowded park take place along the 30-mile long Badlands Loop Road, although there is more than that to the park: the unpaved Sage Creek Rim road, and the mostly … [Read more...]

Luminous Landscape NEW Video Service


As many of you know, video has played an important role in the Luminous Landscape from its beginning. Back in late 1999, Michael & I were driving up to his cottage in Muskoka when I broached the idea of doing a television series on Photography. Within only a few days, we started shooting material for that series - Michael was keen! We had accumulated a few hours of … [Read more...]

Antarctic Erotica


It's In The Eye of the Beholder We live in a highly sexualized society, at least in the developed western countries. Sadly though, sex has become so commoditized that little shocks us any more. Cable TV is essentially uncensored, while hard core porn is just a mouse click away on the Internet. But there's a difference between commercial / advertising driven sexual come-ons, … [Read more...]

Journey Into The African Wild With Anton Lyalin

Image by Anton Lyalin

Publishers Intro…  I met Anton Lyalin, a Russian photographer, a number of years ago while running a Phase One PODAS workshop.  It was an immediate friendship.  I witnessed his growth as a photographer over many years and workshops together. Anton is a well-versed gentleman who owns and runs a number of steakhouses in Moscow.  (How could a steak-loving guy be anything but … [Read more...]

The Real North – Svalbard-Land Of The Polar Bear


August 29th – September 8th, 2015 Join Michael and Kevin for a very special trip to an incredible, seldom-visited part of the world.   We will be leading an intimate workshop to the High Arctic-- a place that is steeped in adventure and thrilling to the senses.  As a boy, I was transfixed by the exploits of the great Arctic explorers, Parry, Amundsen and Franklin. At one … [Read more...]