Craig Stocks

Craig Stocks

After working in the newspaper and studio businesses for several years, I chose to leave professional photography in 1977 to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer. Over the years, I retained my interest in photography, and the advent of digital processing rekindled my passion. I was able to retire at the beginning of 2009 and began an encore career in photography with an emphasis on fine art large scale landscape and abstract figure photography.
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What’s A Stop – A Quick Look

What’s a Stop? We’re photographers so we all understand the concept of a stop. In terms of exposure, it simply refers to doubling or halving

Streaks of light from our car create an interesting foreground that leads to the Milky Way. The sky was exposed separately from the foreground to allow for tracking stars and a different exposure.

The Color Of Invisible Ink

I’m convinced that the fundamental purpose of photography is to allow us to capture a view that couldn’t be seen otherwise. There are lots of