David Watson

David Watson

I have been a photographer from the age of 18 when I blew my student grant on my first camera - a used Zeiss Super-Ikonta.  I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and I won this award with a panel of photographs documenting the effects of global warming on the glaciers in Southern New Zealand.  My semi-professional activities have been limited to photography associated with my business interests and some portraiture. This included the still photography for my wife’s television series - Country House Rescue shown on the UK’s Channel 4. A few years ago I was given a solo show at the Aldeburgh Foundation featuring my photography of the wartime relics in Suffolk.  Finally, many of my photographs are to be found in private homes and hotels owned by the Devere Group.
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Landscape & Environment

Lighthouse “lens” – part of the lantern.

“Middle Of The Day Photography” Is Not Always Bad

It is “De Rigueur” for serious landscape photographers on location to get up before dawn, having previously scouted the location, so as to arrive before