Don Whitebread

Don Whitebread

Don has been making photographs since he took his Instamatic to document the elusive Willy Mays, and has been lucky enough to engage in passions and professions that continue to enhance and inform his photography. While Don has had opportunities to photograph in remote places around the world, his creative home is the Great American West where he is currently working on a portfolio of night landscape photography. His other notable work includes Green Sea Turtles and magical jungle clearing in Hawaii, Hangar One at Moffett Field, the landscape and culture of Yemen, and life along the Nile in Egypt. Don took some darkroom classes in college, but was largely self taught through reading, collaboration and experimentation. He knows Ansel Adams’ books by heart, and has acquired valuable knowledge and inspiration from study with John Sexton, Ray MacSavaney, Brigitte Carnochan, and Mark Nelson. Recent accomplishments include solo exhibits at the World Affairs Council of Northern California and the San Francisco Airport Museum, and group exhibits at the Center for Photographic Art, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Etherton Gallery, and Yosemite Renaissance. His work has received awards from Black and White magazine, the Black and White Spider Awards, and the Photography Masters Cup Awards. His portfolios have been featured in Black and White Magazine, and he has published a number of articles in Luminous Landscape and Photo Techniques.
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Landscape & Environment

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Wheeler Peak and Aspen Grove Great Basin National Park routinely ranks among the least visited national parks in the lower 48 states despite being near


In a popular Yemeni joke, God returns to see what has changed on Earth over the millennia. An angel flies him over Europe and God