Jim Tsioles

Jim Tsioles

Jim Tsioles is a Chicago based photographer excelling in Architecture, Interiors, as well as Commercial Projects. After graduating from Columbia College’s film school, Jim created documentaries and other video projects. He has gravitated towards photography over video with the belief that fine art images are more accessible for viewing and thus is able to share more beauty with the world in this medium. His photography style holds close to the reality of the scene, keeping in mind art is subjective and when necessary, manipulation serves a purpose. Striving for complete perfection, Jim takes control of the entire process from capture to most importantly the finished print produced on his large format Fine Art Printers. For Jim, photography is very much a personal and intimate reflection of something meaningful which can be shared and communicated through images. Never satisfied, he inspires to continue a deeper refined learning of the craft.
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Landscape & Environment

Finding My Vision

One would say the nature of photography is capturing the light of the subject. For myself, it’s more… From the time I got my hands