Mark Mann

Mark Mann

Mark Mann is an award-winning journalist whose feature stories have appeared in Toronto Life, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Vice, Reader’s Digest, Broadview and Maisonneuve, among others. His writing about contemporary art, dance, film and photography have appeared regularly in Momus, Blouin ARTINFO, The Dance Current, and elsewhere. He is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of BESIDE, a Montreal-based magazine that seeks to bridge the gap between nature and culture.
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Articles by Mark Mann

A Photographer’s Journey into the Fire Zone By Mark Mann

In 2020 photojournalist Jennifer Osborne travelled to shoot the massive Australia bushfires. Now she’s made wildfire photography her life’s calling. “Hell is empty, and all

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“I celebrate life”: Rediscovering Ed van der Elsken’s fearless eye

The daring vision of legendary Dutch street photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) has been revived in feest, a new book by Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. After

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Edward Burtynsky revisits nature’s innocence in new collection

The pandemic-era restrictions on travel and social interactions have prompted everyone to adapt, not least photographers, who can’t work from home as easily as some.

The Psychic Shock of Animal Photojournalism in the 21st Century (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Across the world, 22.5 billion livestock and fowl currently live on farms, where most of them endure conditions of unimaginable misery. Each day, 160 million

Photographer Profiles

Profile: The Relentless Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton has a problem: people always want to know how she makes her photographs, but few are capable of understanding the explanation. The Montreal-based