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Rediscover – Understanding Lens Contrast

Understanding Lens Contrast And the Basics of MTF By Mike Johnston Originally Published,  March 12, 2012 Many photographers — even some experienced and knowledgeable ones

The 37th Frame to Close Subscriber Rolls, Limit Subscriptions

Sept. 22, 2002My white-paper photography newsletterThe 37th Frame, which has earned a small but rabidly supportive audience, has gotten to be something of a victim

Sunday Morning – April 21, 2002

A Weekly Column By Mike Johnston The Pictures of Carolyn Cole This year, The New York Times was given an unprecedented honor by the Pulitzer Prize

Kodak Fights Back

A Weekly Column By Mike Johnston © Mike Johnston 2002 On the off chance that you have not been following the soap opera that is Photokina

Sunday Morning – March 30, 2003

SMP's Gala First Anniversary  Good morning! Today marks the first anniversary of the publication of "The Sunday Morning Photographer" on the Web. This is the