Nick Rains

Nick Rains

Nick Rains has been a professional photographer for the past 31 years during which time he has worked for well known publications such as Australian Geographic, Outback, GEO, Sports Illustrated, TIME, BBC and many others. He has worked in all genres of the industry covering sports, news, celebrities, travel and commercial but now concentrates on documentary photography both in Australia and overseas. More recently Nick has become involved in training other keen photographers, sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge and, in addition to writing travel and photography articles, he is a Leica Ambassador and Principal Instructor for Leica Akademie Australia. Nick was also recently named as an Ilford Master for his skills in printing.

Articles by Nick Rains

Leica S2 as Travel Camera

I read with great interestMark Dubovoy's accountof using his S2 in Africa instead of the usual big lens DSLRs. By sheer coincidence, I have been

The Changing Magazine Business

Back in the day (and I'm talking the 1980s here) I used to wait eagerly for the next issue of Amateur Photographer, after all, printed

MF Aerial

I have been shooting professionally for the past thirty years and was brought up on the notion that image quality is of paramount importance if

Ebony RSW45

A Light-Weight 4X5FieldCamera Hats off toRobert Whitein the UK for commissioning this most excellent landscape camera direct from the manufacturer. Made from Titanium and Ebony materials,

Hasselblad H3D On Location

By Nick RainsSome people accuse me of having an anti-Hasseblad bias. Nothing could be further from the truth. I own two H series bodies, five