Can’t Wait to Try the Sony A9III: A “Run-N-Gun”Dream!

February 13, 2024 ·


Full Frame Global Shutter Image Stabilized 4k Camera

Hey folks!

So, I stumbled upon the press release for the Sony A9III over at B&H, and let me just say, my excitement went through the roof! I’ve been sleeping on Sony’s latest releases. This is certainly not for all our readers out there but as someone who loves cinematography, seeing this new version of the camera is exciting. I’m already counting down the days to use one!

Why am I so hyped? Well, for starters, that global shutter is a game changer for such a small camera. It’s going to (hopefully) make moving objects look buttery smooth, with none of those weird wobbly lines or half exposed frames. This camera was designed with video and specifically motion in mind, and for those who love to capture the “perfect” moment – it’s a big deal. I’m excited to see the new camera with Sony’s AF and fast lenses in action.

Then there’s the 4K at 120fps feature – I’m already dreaming up shots that’ll look epic in super slow-mo. I can see this being a really cost effective way to do table top, slow mo product shots like drink pours.

Sony has been nailing autofocus for awhile, and now paired with the global shutter, I can only imagine the kind of high-quality, dynamic videos we’ll be able to create. This camera will be huge in the documentary world with it’s versatility and small unobtrusive body.

I’m intrigued by how this camera will handle movement and action, and where it fits with fast-paced sports and wildlife documentaries. I wonder if we’ll see it in lower end car commercial work. The A9III seems like it won’t miss a beat with it’s global shutter and 16bit Raw HDMI out.

I’m also interested to see how performs in low light and what 25000 ISO really looks like. It’s fun that it has wifi capabilities.

Even though I haven’t gotten my hands on the Sony A9III yet, just the thought of what this camera can do has me buzzing with ideas. It sounds like a good piece of kit that can do just about all you’d need in a 4K video camera. I can’t wait to see what projects are shot on this.

Of course, this is a video centric camera and should never ever be used to take a still photo. Just kidding – I wanted to share it with those who find it exciting. Let us know if you’ve found one in the wild. We’re going to see if we can get our hands on one soon.

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Jon 'Swindy' Swindall, based in Atlanta, GA, is a seasoned photographer, cinematographer, and skilled drone pilot, known for his dynamic visual storytelling and passion for capturing the world's diverse beauty through his lens. Sr. Editor Click, connect, and create at Luminous Landscape.

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