Luminous Landscape NEW Video Service


As many of you know, video has played an important role in the Luminous Landscape from its beginning. Back in late 1999, Michael & I were driving up to his cottage in Muskoka when I broached the idea of doing a television series on Photography. Within only a few days, we started shooting material for that series - Michael was keen! We had accumulated a few hours of … [Read more...]

Robert Hitchman’s ‘Photograph America Newsletter’

Photograph America Newsletter

New Video + PDFs now in Store 25 Years - 130+ Locations Robert Hitchman has been publishing this invaluable resource for N. American photographers for 25 years. He has covered many, many miles on the back roads of America to find those secret hidden gems that are found only when you spend a lot of time searching. Robert Hitchman shares all of his best spots and publishes … [Read more...]