Cinematography for Photographers

November 6, 2013 ·

Christopher Sanderson

Nine videos totaling 2.6 hours on capturing video with a stills camera
with Michael Reichmann and Chris Sanderson

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Learn Cinematography From The Experts

Table of Contents 

What’s all the excitement about?
Why has every manufacturer added video to their DSLR line?

Why are professional photographers now shooting video when they do commercial assignments?


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About the Lu-La Guide to Cinematography for Photographers

This Tutorial will be of interest to photographers who are new to video.

It assumes that you are a photographer who wants to start using the video capability of your stills camera – or even your video camera – and to use it effectivelyto tell stories over time.

– Thisis an in-depth multi-part dialog between Michael Reichmann, well-known photographer & educator and Chris Sanderson, a life-time Director and Cinematographer who has shot & produced all of the Luminous Landscape’s video publications for the past eleven years.


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We will also be publishing further videos on Cinematogtraphy with other presenters.

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About the Videos

The format is High Definition 720P video suitable for playback on a modern computer with powerful graphics card or on an  iPad .

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Chris was a founding Partner of The Luminous Landscape and a member of the Board of The Luminous Endowment

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