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January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann


Visitor Comments 2001

I receive e-mail from time to time with both compliments and complaints.  Fortunately, the former exceed the latter by a considerable margin. 

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Here are some reader comments received during 2001…..

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on your wonderful website. I am new to digital photography and your expertise and techniques have helped me "find my way" in a confusing hobby. 

I always enjoy your reviews…your site… has been my first morning rituals since their inception… as an engineer, I ‘d normally have an affinity for precise measurements and numbers, but in this arena, I’d prefer to see real hands on experience and actual outputs produced by the lenses for regardless of how good the numbers are , if one can’t see the actual (empirical ) results then numbers don’t mean much…I also appreciate your sincere, unbiased, non-emotional recommendations….unlike those reviews whose author is constrained by ad’s income :-)…thanks again and keep them coming !

I wasn’t able to place my order for Monograph from Russia, so I finally asked my friends in US to place an order for me. I received it two weeks ago – pictures are great and everyone whom I showed them say the book is more that worth its price! 

I want to thank you for your amazing website and the video journal.  I have had a wet darkroom shooting black and white for 6 years.  The switch to digital was very confusing at times, but I have learned mostly from your website.  I especially like your non scientific approach to photography.  Photography is about seeing, not measuring curves and levels. 

I spend a great deal of time at other sites, but LL is my favorite, no ifs/ands, …you have done a wonderful job with it! I am sure there will be tech/spec/test/opinion reports ad-nauseum on the 1D in months to come. But I want to congratulate you on "scooping" the web-world with your meat-and-potatoes report on the nitty-gritty decision-influencing comparative performance of this new camera. Not only have you satisfied the need-to-know of a great-many people, but you’ve given me the embarrassingly-perverse pleasure of imagining the squirming and teeth-gnashing of some who will NOT be pleased that you have done so, …at least not before THEM! 

I’ve read your reviews of the 1D. Like everything else on your site, Iconsider it very balanced to the practical application of equipment inthe world of photography.

Thank you very much for the credible report on the Canon 1D.  This was the first report that gave me the information that I was looking for.

Thank you Michael for sharing your information as you have been doing all along on your site. Which I feel is the top site on photography on the whole web along with Great work.

Thanks for the great site.  I’ve learned more at the Luminous Landscape than in any three magazines or books.

Your photography is beautiful art!

Congratulations on the wonderful content you and your colleagues provide. I think this is one of very few sites where photography is discussed beyond pure equipment reviews. Your insights about art, technique, and what it takes to become good at photography are really inspiring. Thank you!

I just found your web site tonight.  It is the best web site on photography I have ever visited.  It’s almost 2:30 AM.  I found your site at midnight and am still looking at it.  I also subscribed to your DVD Video Journal. 

I really enjoy your articles. Your site is well made, very clean and objective and full of so many interesting articles. I know how much work it is to maintain a site like yours and I am not sure you can understand how I appreciate all this work you do just to share this information.

The "understanding medium format" overview is one of the most concise and understandable introductory articles to medium format photography I have yet to read.  The "why" portion is especially valuable since many people have never seen good medium format photos.  Your writing is equal in quality to your photos. 

I am writing to say thank you for running such an impressive site. The photographs are inspiring and the information that you have available on your site is fantastic. It is very refreshing for me to see a photographer of your caliber using the digital medium to process your fantastic works. I will continue to access your site for helpful tips and techniques. 

Thanks for operating such a great informative site. I’ve learned a lot from you over the last couple of years, your tutorials cover the things that sites like never come close to dealing with. Speaking of which, I also appreciate the positive attitude you have when you answer questions.

Thank you for this excellent site. I am fairly new to Photoshop and have learned more in 30 minutes reading your tutotials than I have in the last 2 weeks. Your explanations are clear and concise. In addition you explain why you are doing the action which is of the most importance versus many of the other sites that just tell you what to do and don’t explain why you are doing it.

Love your articles and insights – top notch!

Your site is fantastic, The images are stunning and your tutorials are excellent. Keep up the good work.

…your site was one of the first to tutor and enlighten  me in  digital endeavors, and for that I am eternally grateful. The biggest reason I think that I kept coming back to your site is the fact that you always seem to be right (and "right -on") and are beholden to no one product, sponsor, or technique, and as I’ve mentioned in previous communications with you, you’re an unwitting motivational trainer as well – how you do everything that you do with consistency and consistent quality and values is beyond me.

You’ve probably heard this hundreds, make that thousands, of times, but your site is absolutely FANTASTIC! Thank you for the very informative comments and the great photography.

Just wanted to express appreciation for your excellent tutorials, and those you’ve linked to on Ian Lyons site.  I went from all-thumbs Photoshop status to better-than-a-novice in just a week from reading your material.  It’s quite a service to our photographic community.

I wanted to congratulate you on your site, it’s easily the most interesting and instructional one on the WWW for someone that’s taken the digital darkroom route.

… by the way, I’ve subscribed to the Video Journal as a means of supporting your efforts, even though I don’t have a DVD … guess I’ll have to buy one!

I want to express my sincere thanks for your efforts in keeping this site in top shape. I rarely write to sites but your site is so impressive and has helped me so much with such relevant information on digital imaging I am compelled to drop you a note. I am new to this whole technology and I have learned enough here to feel confident in selecting and purchasing the necessary components to assemble a digital publishing platform.

You’ve created a wonderful – and also technically informed, well written and useful – site. Thank you!

I have lots of interests, and many ‘Favourites’ on my list of web pages to visit. Out of all of these, regardless of subject, yours is unquestionably the top. Not only do you manage to update it frequently, but the quality of EVERYTHING in it is superb. I also appreciate the design of your pages – ‘simple’ but highly effective – it is easy to find what is new and what is of interest, and not overburdened and slowed down by irrelevant, superficial graphics and animation.

I’m writing to congratulate you on your excellent site. Detailed, intelligent, comprehensive and clearly explained. And I thought I wrote decent Photoshop tutorials and lecture notes! I take my hat off to you.

Thank you for the amazing work you do with your Web site. It is the most beautiful and useful Web site on photography that I have found on the Internet. You should had put a tremendous amount of work inside it just to make us better photographer and nature viewer. Thank you again.

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your web site!  I just happened upon it a week ago, and have been entertained and educated each day since.

Your website is wonderful and offers so much insight into so many subjects.  Thank you so much for providing the rest of us a free source of such great data.  The internet has brought people together and given us access to information that was never before possible.

I cannot adequately convey my thankfulness for you and the Luminous Landscape website. Since stumbling upon this site two months ago I have stopped by almost daily. Your words breathe life into the art of seeing in ways that are at once familiar and foreign. I can feel your excitement in hiking to a lonely, lovely vista and reveling in its beauty, and the measured tone and cadence of your written voice speaks so sensibly and without pretense of impressing that I accept its wisdom as readily as my own. And yet there is a wide gulf between our skills & experience. Even so, I’ve seen through your writings & those of the other photographers that I share the same loves and desires, and this comforts and encourages me to keep at it. 

Thank you for writing in a mature way that is neither overly technical nor poetic. It’s the heartbeat of this site, your heartbeat, more than anything else that I appreciate. It runs quietly through every page, every carefully crafted photo and idea you present. I’m happy that you wrote today about supporting the site through subscribing to the Luminous Landscape Video Journal, and even more glad to come alongside your efforts in this small way. I eagerly anticipate its arrival and expect it to be a landmark in my personal growth in and appreciation for fine photography. Thanks again.

Your site is great, and has some great tutorials (especially on sharpening in Photoshop). It also shows the human side when you talk about how you didn’t feel like taking pictures after the 9-11 disaster. And yet, then you also find that doing it again provides therapy that no therapist could provide. How priceless the beauty that photography can capture indeed is! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your great website.

I’m a huge fan. Your web site has been more helpful and informative than any book I’ve read on photography. 

I’m very impressed with your Luminous-Landscape site! It is a great source of inspiration for me and, as I can see on your site, for thousands of others too!The fact that the site is non-commercial makes it even better.

I want to say just this: There goes no day, that I do not look, "What’s New" at Luminous Landscape. Thank you for your fantastic work and for sharing your experiences.

Just wanted to say I love the site, and each new article never fails to be an interesting read.

I want to tell you all the best I think about your internet site which is certainly a gold mine for expert and professional photographers around the world.

I just want to say thank you very much for having such an informative site with invaluable information and beautiful photographs. 

I am a great admirer of your photography and your website.  You capture brilliant images and inspire me. Your website has been a source of hours of learning for me.  I truly thank you for your sharing of all that knowledge. 

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I think your web site is absolutely fantastic! I have learned more from perusing your web site, than I have from several other photography books. The content of your web site is exactly what I have been looking for.

Many thanks for your excellent contribution to the world by running a truly free site with such high quality content.

I enjoyed your website very much – you go into details which aredifficult to find even in the best photo journals.

I want to complement you with a great web site!!!
I finally got a person who’s head is "screwed" on correctly!! – YOU!!

Your website is TRULY AWESOME! And I appreciate so much you putting it together.

I truly love your home page. It is SO INFORMATIVE, and with enthusiasm. Your illustrations are wonderful.

Your site is the most amazing site for photography I’ve ever encountered. I thank you for all your insights and tons of information. As a Cinematographer based in L.A., I’ve learned a lot from the info.

I wanted to thank you for putting together such an incredible site. You have rekindled my passion for photography. I especially like your instruction with beautiful examples. Like the zoo photos. Thank you.

Let me congratulate you on a fine website, but better yet, on the excellent photography displayed on your site. Very, very, nice work, I am highly impressed.

You have a wonderfully informative website.  Thank-you. 

I am an avid photo (both traditional film and digital) and computer enthusiast. Over the last week or so, I have read many of the articles on your website and have found many of them both entertaining and educational. What a breath of fresh air! I am impressed with the quality and usability of the web presentation. Keep up the great work.

Michael, I love this web site. You’ve done a marvelous job with it. It has inspired me a lot.

I discovered your site about two months ago, and it quickly found its way to the top of my favourites list. Interesting, insightful…top notch Michael, congrats on the hard work you have obviously put into its creation, and the constant attention you give it.

I just discovered your Luminous Landscape website, and wanted to commend you on some of the articles. I’m a serious amateur photographer doing digital, and your explanation of resolution was the clearest and most concise that I’ve read.  I will peruse your site more deeply, but wanted to thank you and commend you on that.

You have a wonderful website.  It’s one of the best on-line resources for professional photography and digital imaging.  I enjoy the articles and tutorials.

I recently stumbled across your site through one of your posts on the LUG and have become a frequent visitor. You have put together a gem of a photo site: well laid out, beautiful images, and thoughtful text. It is also refreshingly free of the bombast that infects so many photographic websites. Many thanks and well-done.

I am just writing you to compliment on your web-site. It is indeed very resourceful and filled with extraordinary images. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Thanks again for your marvelous site  I’ve given it a lot of people who just love it and the work you do. 

I see that you have already had many, many emails of praise from people in the past, so what is just one more!  But I do have to tell you how incredibly useful I have found everything on your website.  Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping everything so clear, concise, uncluttered and simple!

Thank you very much for sharing your world-class web site with me. It is superb!!!!!

I so appreciate this amazing and wonderful website. You are such an inspiration! This is far and away the best website I’ve encountered on photography.

I’m sure that you receive many appreciative notes about your photography and web site from people, but probably not many from people in the middle of a hot and humid night when they can’t sleep. I discovered your web site because it was featured on the personal page of the photographer for the college where I work. All I can say is that both your work and prose are stunning. I rarely spend more than a few minutes at a site–usually they don’t have much to offer–but I’ve been roaming through your photographs and descriptions for the last two hours. It’s incredible to me how you’ve captured the essence of some of my favorite places (Yosemite and the Grand Canyon) and also introduced me to two new favorites: Antelope Canyone and Dead Horse State Park. Thank you for making a long night much shorter.

Your intelligent, articulate, precise discussions have been enormously illuminating and helpful, and have answered several pressing questions, for which I am most grateful.  I just wanted to convey my appreciation and thanks. I feel I can now move ahead with confidence and reassurance.

Your Website continues to be the most helpful, entertaining, and inspiring site on the Web.

I’d like to express my thanks again for your SUPERB web site.  Your site is full of useful information, but the content and its presentation is also inspriational.

Your site is very encouraging and you instill a lot of enthusiasm in people to get out there – I honestly believe that if i’d never discovered your site early this year, my camera stuff would probably be packed away, waiting till my next annual adventure…..

Your site, by the way, is probably the best photographic resource on the web. I could go on & on, but will let those words describe it best. Many thanks for the energy & vision–

I would also like to add that your Web site has been my main source, and invaluable, in learning about digital darkrooms, printing, equipment, etc. It truly has made a difference in how much and how well I have learned. Thank you very much for the care and time you put into it.

Your site is absolutely terrific. Although I’ve been learning Photoshop 5.5 for over a year I’ve gotten information from your site that was new to me and extremely helpful.

Again, your site is an inspiration. I’m astonished at the depth and breadth and liveliness of Luminous Landscape. And! Congratulations on the inauguration of the Video Journal! A great concept. All the best of good fortune with it.

Thank you so much for leading me on your Luminous Landscape web site to the moon rise information and Palm Pilot programs for it!….what a great web site – so much excellent information about landscape photography!

Your work & mine are streets apart, but I have found your revues & tutorials to be most helpful & interesting. Your photography is also always pleasing & may yet inspire me to go into the campo (countryside). Anyway, just a word of thanks for your public spirited generosity.

Your site easily the most inspiring site for photographers on the web. Google pointed me to the "Luminous Landscape" just after I bought my D30. Now I am visiting your site at least weekly. Only in the past few weeks I came to realize that my true passion is photography. You inspired me to make this passion my life. In many ways I am still learning and preparing, but my future will be photography and this is in part because of you.

I am amazed at the depth and breadth of your web site content. You have created so many beautiful landscape images, supplemented with beautifully written accounts of the process, helpful tips on improving the photographic experience…so much more.

Overstating the obvious…..your photographs are beautiful. Many thanks for taking the time to develop your site.

I want to take this time to personally thank you for your efforts. Not a day goes by without visiting your site. I am a busy Television/film producer and director. I’m also in love with photography and just finished a one man show in a Phoenix Gallery. However I still find time to see what’s going on with you and your journeys. Thanks once again and keep up the great work.

Congratulations and long life to your site! You deserve such a success: Your site, your knowledge of the subject and the tremendous work you put in this project are exceptional. Thank you!

Thank you for maintaining and sharing such a great website. I continue to learn much from the diversity of photo submissions, critique, and discussion.

I have recently discovered your luminous-landscape Web site, and I wouldlike to express my congratulations for your skills and creativity. Beingan amateur photographer and Nature passionate, I enjoy very much lookingat your pictures and analysing them.

Let me congratulate you on an absolutely, amazingly wonderful website.I "stumbled" upon it when searching for reviews of the M7II a few days ago.I am blown away with the detail and volume of useful information. As well,the photos are striking. I will be visiting often.

Please include more images in this format, (5X18") the opening is magical; textures, depth, your gift as artisan make these experiences educational, entertaining and sometimes an emotional moment.You have saved me uncountable hours of research and trials thru this most educational site.Thank your for your generosity, hard work, insights, knowledge, intellect, articulate skills, and references.

As I quickly approach 64 I find myself feeling (well sounding) like a teenager – all I can say about your web site, your photography, the clarity of your tutelage, and everything I have tried to milk from it, is Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

I’ve been addicted to your website since I found it a couple of months ago. I love your approach, and the obvious enjoyment you derive from making your photographs. Many thanks for a very motivating resource.

Your landscape photography is amongst the best in the world. I’ve read extensively other photographer-authors (Tim Fitzharris, Galen Rowell, and John Shaw most notably) and thought their work to be superb. Yours is even better!! The technical and review sections are informative and no nonsense.

Allow me to congratulate and thank you for providing such a wonderful site for your fellow photographers. … I have visited your site on numerous occasions and have always found it to be a consistently reliable source for information and opinion.

Your site is truly outstanding, and I am learning much from it. Thank youfor your great information and wise insights.

Thank you for the service you continue to provide for photographers in all fields of expertise.I have been thrilled to have access to an astonishing selection of articles covering everything from Color Theory as it relates to photography, to Photoshop Techniques.

For months now I have poured all over your site. I have enjoyed your photographs (and found inspiration in your work) I congratulate you on your efforts and thank you for your openness and honest opinions.

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to visit your web site…I am truly amazed and inspired.

I would like to say that I think yours is one of the few must visit sites around, there is plenty going on and it all seems pretty down to earth sensible stuff from my viewpoint.

Your site is amazing and wonderful. The images are of course fantastic. The information on the use of PhotoShop is invaluable. Again thank you. To have such an in-depth resource free, is to good to be true.

Just wanted to pass on how much I enjoy your site. The photography is outstanding, presentation great, and articles wonderful. Other than those things its just ok (just kidding). Happened upon your site from a link on dpreview, best link chase I have ever done. Your site has helped me with equipment choices, and rekindled my photographic spirit.

Thanks Michael, for taking the time to share the fruits of your efforts. your website is a valuable contribution and is a wonderful source of information on equipment, technique, and passion. it is your passion for this endeavour that comes through with great clarity, and should certainly be inspirational for all your readers.

I have been reading your pages, and viewing the images for several months. I can’t praise you enough for your generous sharing of your talents and knowledge. Keep up the good work. 

I’ve spent a couple of days whenever I’ve had a free moment looking over your site. It is truely a great site.

Your site is outstanding! As a novice photographer, your explanations of digital imaging are easy to understand and very helpful to me.

I think your reviews of equipment are extremely incisive and vastly superior to anything you see in the UK photographic magazines.  

… your site addresses my questions clearly and quickly. Other resources get stuck on too much information that is either trivial or way over my head without becoming a optical engineer or computer graphics programmer.

I just spent a very pleasurable hour scraping at the surface of your wonderful site. I thank you for your contribution to the presence of photography on-line, and for your strong commitment to candour and openness in regard to your process. Too many photographers jealously guard their secrets (as if they are) and treat photography as some mystic practise that involves ritual sacrifices and the lore of the ages. I only scraped the surface of your site, but those sections where I paused to read the text delivered exactly what I was looking for, and were well composed and to the point.

Some great images, useful comment, and very informative comments on digital monochrome, which I look forward to studying in depth later. Many thanks for such a superb site, which is now firmly established as one of my favourites.

Wonderful Site. I really feel like I am getting an education. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I am really impressed by your photography, especially your Hasselblad XPan photographs and your superb writing skills. Your site is doing a better job of selling the XPan than anything Hasselblad has done. I am especially impressed by the pictures you’ve taken with the XPan’s 90 mm lens, which most dealers can’t even explain the purpose for. Congratulations, again, on your superb work. Your site is an inspiration. And it’s also spectacularly fast.

I am astonnished by the high quality of your work. I’ve learn so much and you explain so well, it’s a pleasure o read. Please keep producing this‚«extraordinaire» site.

I have recently discovered your website, The Luminous Landscape, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles.  This is one of the most informative photography sites I know of, and I have learned quite a bit in a short amount of time.  Thank you for your efforts. I found your review of the D-30 to be one of the most comprehensive and informative product reviews I have ever read. 

I am writing to say thanks for a wonderful site. I came across it searching for info on the Xpan. Your site has convinced me that it is the right camera for the type of work I enjoy. Your pictures are excellent – as you probably know – and I have emailed friends urging them to look at your work.

Your site has been very informative and, more importantly, inspiring! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and recommendations through your web site. Keep up the good work!

Your site continues to be an inspiration and excellent resource. Thanks for the quadtones tutorial.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your website has virtually single-handedly reignited my interest in photography.

…your website is one of the most clear, concise, and well managed websites on the subject I have ever visited… thank you. …your photographs are really inspiring!  

…thanks for the fantastic site. The amount of work that you’ve put into providing information on digital photography in particular seems astonishing — thank you for providing an invaluable resource. (It goes without saying that I love your photographs as well.)

One of the first websites I always look at is yours because of the content and the ideas shared. What a wonderful resource you and the people that visit your site have created. THANK YOU. When I have sufficient knowledge to share I will gladly do so as partial payment for what I have received.

I’ve always found your site the most imformative and accurate site on the web regarding photography/digital imaging.

You offer a wealth of information and do it in a pleasant, easy-to-understand manner. Thank you for all you do. You serve your art and technology beautifully.

Since I discovered your website several months ago I confined myself to looking at the critiques and reading the forum. With some time on my hands I started exploring your website and it is a most wonderful experience. It is like a maze, with each route leading to something more informative and more interesting. I am truly amazed. I can honestly say I have been reading, looking, clicking for the last 5 hours and I still have not covered every aspect. (I am writing this to catch a break before I return.) You are a true gentleman to share all your knowledge with all who visit your site. Believe me when I tell you I have visited hundreds and hundreds of photography related website and none can compare to yours. And as an additional bonus the members who respond to the various forums are top notch as well, like Mr. Lyons. At my old age I feel like a kid again and you have inspired me in many ways to enjoy mine as well as other people’s photography. I can’t wait to get out and shoot. Thank you.

I would like to give my deepest thanks for you work on Luminous Landscape. It is extremely rare to find a site with such high quality information; it is almost unheard of in the modern era of the www to find one with such little commercial push. Actually, a small plug for buying prints counts as no push at all. Your work is, on the whole, stunning. Your articles are interesting, engaging and informative. I seem to be gushing a little here but it is rare to find someone who is gifted, literate and willing to give so much time to a community. Thank you for your work.

Thanks for putting together your very informative web site… I’ve been looking around and your site is by FAR the most practical, informative, and even inspirational (I really enjoy your beautiful photographs) for the budding digital photographer…

Let me thank you for a tremendously informative and interesting site. I check in frequently and can say I have always enjoyed your articles. You provide me with quite a lot of motivation and inspiration.

Just a brief email to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts. Your site has been both an inspiration and a fountain of knowledge for me.
ks and keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.

I’d like to thank you for your great site! It is my favorite site on the internet! I have enjoyed and benefited from many of your great equipment reviews. Particularly on the 2000P and Canon D30. I appreciate your practical no nonsense insights and also enjoy your camera work.

Whilst scrolling through the endless world of the internet I fell onto you website. I was taken to another level, your photographs are truly the most vibrant, breathtaking images on the net. I’m itching to get out and take photos for my ‘A Levels’, but your website made this itching waitable. To show a small section of the world just how good you are, I am going to put your work along side ‘Ansel Adams" in my critical study. Keep up the great work!

I have been studying your website for over a month now and I must say I am inspiried. You have straightened me out on more than a few things in my pursuit of this fascinating art form we enjoy, especially the Instant Photoshop and digital darkroom techniques. Your website is a valuable asset and wealth of information for all of us and your photos are truly inspiring and I now want to dive into landscape photography myself.

I’m writing …to thank you for your excellent and informative website! I have read through only a small part of it so far, and have learned an immense amount. I really appreciate how generous you are with your knowledge of photography and digital imaging, as well as how meticulous you are with all the details.

You have a wonderful site, probably the best I have ever seen for Photography, especially landscape photography.

…please accept my compliments on your web site. Its rich and varied content and intelligent presentation have proven invaluable to me in developing my understanding and appreciation of digital photography and in nurturing my growing competence in that area of endeavor. I log onto your site nearly every day and have never left it empty-handed. 

To put it simply, sites such as yours should be banned from the web. Since discovering it a few months ago, my family life has gone down the drain, my bank account also, my boss wants my head on a plate, my friends don’t remember my face. I’ve been following therapy with the best photoholic practitionners, but I am still obsessed. Your site is that good ! Congratulations, and thanks a lot for offering so much to aspiring landscape photographers.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but let me thank you for one of the best photo sites on the web. Yours is truly outstanding! …thanks for a fantastic site and keep up the great pioneering work!

I’ve been a regular visitor to your site for a year now and am always thrilled to find new and interesting articles which are so superior to the recycled news found on other photo sites. Thanks for the hours of interesting and educational reading. Keep up the excellent photos and website!

…let me express my admiration for almost ALL of your images – I used to be "inspired" by John Shaw’s photography before; NOW your site (and pictures) have "taken over"!

I recently came across your superb site. What a wealth of information and beautiful photos for my students to view. As you probably know, there is a lot of low-quality chaff on the Web that one has to wade through to find truly useful things. I’m so glad I found your site. Coming from a working professional of obvious talent, your information and advice is considerably more valid and credible than much of what is on the Web. 

You are arrogant! An arrogant attitude and superior position is evident in everything you write on your site. It shows. Anybody that has spent more than 10 minutes on your site can hear it. Your opinions are stated as facts. You are hardly the only person with 20 years or more of photo experience on this planet. You like to make simplistic statements of fact ( which are opinions ) about complicated subjects that always need to be put into context and considered within a fixed technical framework with assumptions and stipulations. This has to be done or your comments don’t mean much and are going to be totally misunderstood for what they are ie. simple opinions about technical subjects with very little to support your opinion. AND your tests that you describe are hardly anything close to scientific method. Again you have a very high opinion of yourself. Do yourself a favor and knock it off.

Thanks for the best Photography web site on the planet. I can’t tell you have helpful this has been to me.

I just discovered your site, and I’ve been looking with wonder at the photos. I suspect that it takes a "special eye" to catch photos like you have displayed here. I know I don’t have that eye, and I am jealous beyond words. I am bookmarking this site, and intend to visit fairly often. 

I must congratulate you on the quality of The Luminous Landscape website. No doubt you have been told many times before but I just wanted to let you know that I believe it has been just about the most useful and informative site of it’s kind that I have visited. 

I would like to congratulate you on your FABULOUS site!!!Lots of very handy info and tips (B & W in PhotoShop, Instant PhotoShop, lots of others) – you ARE really the Man Who Knows what he’s talking about).And all your images are just great … I really get a lot of inspiration from your shots.Real pleasure to browse on your site.Thanks a lot.

I stumbled upon your fabulous site today. I absolutely love your photographs… they are beautiful beyond words! What a talent you have been blessed with!

Thank you for your very informative website. You have included much useful information, and your luminous photographs are intriguing. I can spend a lot of time at your site.

Thanks for your great web site; I’ve learned a lot from it and continue to find valuable new advice and reviews, and I also find it worthwhile to reread old articles as I gain more experience. Your critiques are particularly helpful. I’m sure I’ll be referring back often. 

A quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed and benefited from both the visual and verbal content on your site. I am constantly amazed at the amount of throughput you generate and the amount of time it must take to keep this site as moving and interesting as it is.

I visited your website for the first time tonight. I feel that I have found a pot of gold.

Your site has accelerated my camera craft development by decades! And it pitchforked me into the digital darkroom. We all owe you a huge debt for your relentlessly selfless website.

Thanks for a wonderful site! I’ve found your site to be very resourceful. Your pictures capture the beauty of nature wonderfully! I’m taking my time to read through your articles … from scanners to printers to photo gears.

Thanks for taking time to put up such a great web site.  It really helps and is one of the best and most informative sites I have found. 

…your photographs are very breath-taking and truly inspirational. The collection I have enjoyed the most so far are those of Lower Antelope Canyon – the smooth flowing curves in the rocks are just absolutely stunning, and the manner in which you were able to capture them – wonderful!

… thank you for the incredible website you have put together, and for the invaluable advice and tips that can only come from someone who has the knowledge, wisdom, and experience you possess.

I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading/viewing your site. Keep up the excellant work, you’re really doing a tremendous job!

A professional photographer friend of mine just turned me on to your web site.  I just want to say you have done a great job with everythng about it.  The pictures are stunning, the articles are very useful and the layout and graphics are first class.  Nice job.

I just wanted to write to thank you for the work you have done with your incredible Web page… Your review, your photos and your wonderful, enthusiastic writing were truly a delight to read and view. I will look forward to staying up on your work and research.

…let me say that your website is absolutely GREAT! I have spent countless hours perusing the information you have assembled, and I am astonished at how much there is.

I have "scrutinized" your site quite many times now and I’m both impressed and very grateful for your ambition and your great effort. The site has given me much joy, many useful tips and some things to think about…

I would like to thank you for the wonderful website that you provide. It is obviously a labour of love and full of very, very helpful information, tips, links, etc and of course beautiful photographs. All that collective knowledge and experience is of incredible help. This is what the web should be about.

Your Instant Photoshop article was excellent. It has cleared a lot of my confusion about Levels, Curves and Layers. It is well written, easy to understand and very helpful in my photo processing with Photoshop. Your whole Website is loaded with lot of good information and links to other sites.

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Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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