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2 Standard Definition Download Video LLVJs for each unshipped DVD!


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Download Issue #18 of the Video Journal – Now

Back Issues are also available

DVDs to Download Video

The production and distribution of the DVD edition of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal will end with LLVJ-18.

DVDs will be replaced by Download Video. Two events have led to this:

– the quality of the High Definition download video is markedly superior to the DVDs

– unacceptable postal delays & reliability in the shipping of DVDs combined with hugely increased ship costs (400%+ for Mail)


Subscribers with outstanding DVDs may exchange on a $ for $ basis
their credit for any Downloadable Tutorial product.

Please contactCustomer Service.


What is Download Video and what does it look like?

If you are unsure about the quality or feasibility of using Download Video,look at our Download Video pageand check out some sample video files.


The Offer: 2 for 1

We are offering subscribers two Standard Definition Download Video editions of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal in exchange for every unshipped DVD issue that remains in a subscription. Exchange to the High Definition version is also available on a pro rata basis. This works out that each unshipped DVD yields approximately 1.5 HD Downloads.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer,contact usand we will issue you Coupon code credits each good for a Download Video of the LLVJ. You will ‘buy’ the product on our shopping cart and then enter the code at checkout for a 100% discount (as in: No Charge!). Your DVD subscription will then be cancelled. At your request, we can also issue coupons for Download Video Tutorial products.

Download Video Advantages

There are some real benefits to purchasing the Download Video edition of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal:

– Timeliness: Download Video purchasers will be able to view content well before DVD purchasers.

Video Content for the Download Video files will be posted incrementally as it is edited and completed. Your LLVJ Download Video purchase will show various files for each issue. Those files will be filled with content as they are completed.

Whereas a DVD must necessarily be complete before shipping and conform to exact lengths, there are no such restrictions for Download Video. Download video will often have more content than the DVD-Video

– Shipping costs, damaged disks and delays will be non-existent.

– You wil never have to worry about a change of address again.

– If you lose or damage the files, just let us know and we’ll let you download the files again.


Watching on a TV

Many DVD subscribers have written to us to say that they like to watch the LLVJ on their television screen rather than their computer monitor.

Well, it doesn’t take much extra effort to do that.

The best way to view the HD version on your HD TV is through an Apple TV or other X-Box-like device which takes the digital video file and outputs it to your television in a component signal.

If you want a DVD-Video, use a simple program such asAoA DVD CreatororApple’s iDVD, then watching the Video Journal from your couch is about as easy as burning any CD-R or DVD-R.



A FAQ for Download Video can be foundhere.

Download Issue #18 of the Video Journal in HD – Now

Back Issues are also available