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Prints, Studio and Color Lab

Kevin Raber and Edward Burtynsky discuss one of his prints

My interview with Ed Burtynsky continues with this final segment.  This is the part I enjoyed the most as Ed and I talk about his prints and why and how he makes such big prints.  For Ed, it’s all about the print.  As he explains when looking through the viewfinder he is composing for the look.  But, when the print is made the magic comes alive as the most minute details become visible. 

I call it immersive imaging and for me, it is where the viewer looks at a large print from a distance and then finds something of interest and moves closer and closer to the print discovering new things in the print along the way.  Ed calls it the six-inch test.  The bottom line -Ed’s prints need to be viewed large and inspected close up. There are treasures to be seen in his photographs.

We take the opportunity to look in detail at a few of Ed’s large-sized prints.  He explains what it took to make the image and some of the technical challenges he faced.  Ed’s images are unlike any I have seen before and most likely the reason I respect his work so much.  His images impact the viewer with what they are seeing.  Every image shows something man was involved with, particularly in changing the landscape.  His pictures of wells astounded me and to hear how they were made, boggles the mind in what it took to achieve the shot. 

And, just when you think you have seen it all Ed unveils his newest project:  3D photography.  His 3D photograph of an elephant tusk pile is beyond incredible.  This must be seen to be appreciated.  He took thousands of images and using new technology assembled a 3D image.  It was made using a 3D printer. 

Elephant Tusks – 3D

This is something I hope to explore further with Ed in another video in the future.  For me and I hope you, it is a glimpse into the future.  There is a lot of talk about 3D imaging and augmented reality.  Just as we witnessed the beginning of digital in the middle nineties, we are just beginning to see the start of this new stage of photography.

In this video, we also explore the rest of Ed’s studio.  He has an immense print collection.  It is worth hearing how and why he signs every single image and print made.  The organization of his images is amazing.

On top of all this Ed also runs his own color lab and we take a brief tour of the facility as he explains how it started and what he uses in the lab today.

Ed’s large print storage area

Overall this was a remarkable day for me, and I hope that you – our readers and viewers – take away something unique from this video series.  It was a privilege to spend the day with Ed, and I appreciate that he sacrificed a day to share with all of us what he does with his photography and how passionate he is about his work. 

Thank you, Edward Burtynsky and your team for being so generous with us on our visit.  I look forward to doing another chapter in the future.

Please Enjoy This 26:46 Video

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Kevin Raber
July 2017

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