Fuelling The Endowment

April 29, 2014 ·

Michael Reichmann

By Michael Reichmann

It hasn’t exactly been a secret, but now is a good time to make it more widely known. For the past six months I have been creating a legacy project –The Luminous Endowment for Photographers. I have created this fund to provide grants to photographers world-wide. Grants will be for projects being planned or which are already underway.  The Luminous Endowment’s web site is nearing completion, and full details on both how to donate and also how to apply will become available when it does, likely in June.

Money From Two New Books Will Help Fund The Endowment

This page is intended to give you some insight into one of the most exciting aspects of this project – the printing of two new books. The first will be a new 72 page softcover book   “Mexico: The Light and The Warmth”, being published by Lenswork.

The second book is a much larger work.  “Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective” is a large format, cloth bound, hard-cover book with 400 pages, containing 380 images. It will be available in two editions; a signed limited-edition, contained in a clam-shell style slip-case, and also in an open-edition without slip-case. The book was d esigned by Arturo Chapa,  one of the world’s top book designers.

Both of these books willonlybe available through your making of a donation to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers.When you do, depending on the amount of the donation, you will receive one of these books as a reward.All proceedsfrom the sale of these books will go toward funding grants to photographers like you, world-wide.

The Road to Vancouver and China

The remainder of this page is a blog  about the printing of both of these books. It will be updated, hopefully daily, between April 24 and May 1. On the 24th Chris Sanderson and I fly from Toronto to Vancouver, where we will meet up with Brooks Jensen, the publisher of Lenswork. We will be going on-press for the printing of  “Mexico: The Light and The Warmth”at Hemlock Press in Burnaby, BC, that afternoon.

The next morning Chris and I fly to Hong Kong, where we will join the book’s designer, Arturo Chapa. Hong Kong will be our base for traveling to Shenzhen, China, where  “Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective”is being printed. Again, we will be on-press and documenting the entire process in stills and with video.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

9:00 AM EDT

The embargo release for information about the new Leica T camera system is 9 AM Eastern. Chris and I are already on our flight to Vancouver. That means that Kevin has hit the “publish button” and you can now not only read this page, but alsotwo new reviews of the Leica T, one by our Australian colleagueNick Rainsand the other byMichael.

We’ll have our next update some time before the end of the day, after we’ve been to Hemlock Press to view the printing of my new book  “Mexico: The Light and The Warmth”.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Michael Checking Proofs at Hemlock Press

This is being written on Thursday evening, Vancouver time, even though its date-line is Friday. The reason is that Chris and I won’t really have a Friday this week, or even most of a Saturday, because we leave Canada on Friday morning and arrive in Hong Kong around dinner time on Saturday. So, no Friday really, though next week when we fly home we’ll have two Thursdays. Go figure.

In any event, we were picked up by Brooks Jensen, Lenswork’s Publisher, at Vancouver airport, and arrived at Hemlock Press in Burnaby, B.C. late Thursday morning. We spent the afternoon checking the beginning of the print run on my new Monograph  “Mexico: The Light and The Warmth” It was a great learning experience. But since this is the first colour publication ever done by Lenswork in some twenty years, we all had something to learn.

Chris did some extensive filming while we were at Hemlock, and we subsequently did an in-depth video interview with Brooks about book publishing. 

 A brief video shot by Michael at Hemlock Press
with the new Panasonic GH4 using a mix of 4K and HD. 

Sunday, April 26, 2014

When one is 12 hours time shifted, there simply is no good way to be able to sleep through the night. So rather than fight it, when I awoke at 4:30am on my first full day in Hong Kong, I simply grabbed my camera (the new Panasonic GH4) and went for a walk before dawn.

I ended up shooting some 4K video, which is seen in a brief segment below.


Because I decided to do a 1: 2.35 aspect ratio crop it might be worth watching this full screen by clicking on the four-way arrow at the bottom right of the window.

In my mental fog I forgot to set the cameras to 50Hz and 25fps, (the GH4 is a world-camera) and therefore there is some rolling sync visible in the shadows because of the frequency of the street lighting beating with a 23.9 fps shutter. I won’t make that mistake again.

ISO 3200 for all shots. Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens @ F/2.8. Cinegamma D was used. 180 degree shutter. No grading. Edited in FXP 10.1.1.

Tomorrow we head to the printing plant in China. The rest of today was just a fog.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Yesterday was a blur. It was a 12 hour day, starting when we were picked up at our hotel in Hong Kong by a car from the printing company, and driven to Shenzhen, China. The press checks began as soon as we got there and will continue for two days, even with two Heidelberg presses running 24 hours a day 


The video above runs less than a minute and a half, and gives a hint at the process that Arturo and I were involved with. Professional CMYK printing is truly an art as well as a science, and I was in awe of Arturo’s mastery of the process and the professionalism of the staff at C&C Printing.

Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective”is a 400 page large format hardcover that book will be available toward the end of June, and only though a donation toThe Luminous Endowment Fund for Photographers. Details coming soon.

April, 2014

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