February 16, 2024 ·


Luminar Neo x Fujifilm Photowalks

We wanted to give you a heads up for what seems to be a fun event put on by Fujifilm to bring photographers together to learn and sample new Fuji gear.

They are hosting in the United States a FREE 50 city Photowalk tour with an experienced photographer who guides you while you explore and create. I signed up for one in March and look forward to it.

According to the press release:

Starting March 2024, pre-registered
participants will embark on walking adventures led by a local photography expert to explore their
city’s local streets, parks, and hidden corners, all while creating urban, landscape, and portrait

As part of the guided photo walk experience, while on the photo walk, participants will also have
the opportunity to try out Fujifilm’s latest innovative cameras and lenses. They’ll also have the
chance to interact with Luminar Neo and Fujifilm personnel in person, to gain valuable
photography tips and insight.

We see photo walks as incredibly important pieces of the creative process.
They’re not only a way to build camaraderie among creators, but also to allow them to make
compelling images and content in real-world settings. We’re excited to collaborate with Luminar
Neo on these photo walks and to give local creators the tools needed to share ideas, expertise,
and stories with each other, and the world.”

To check out cities: Click Here

Let us know if you signed up and went to one!

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Jon 'Swindy' Swindall, based in Atlanta, GA, is a seasoned photographer, cinematographer, and skilled drone pilot, known for his dynamic visual storytelling and passion for capturing the world's diverse beauty through his lens. Sr. Editor Click, connect, and create at Luminous Landscape.

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